Midweek Mini Munchies: Flyboys


No, I’m not talking about the crappy movie with James Franco, I’m talking about the book. The most confusing piece is if you have seen the movie, it’s not the same as the book. Most people say the same thing about movies like Twilight, Eragon, and my least favorite movie of all time Eat, Pray, Love, which is truly about nothing other than eating, praying and nothing that even closely resembles love. However, the movie Flyboys is about WWI’s first fighter pilots and the book is about WWII. The movie is not based on the book so I was just clarifying that if you wanted to attempt to talk with me later about the book because, you know, “I’ve seen the movie”, you are wrong to do that. So.. you’re welcome.

The book is about WWII and all the intricate pieces that lead to our war with Japan. It also closely follows the development of our first true United States Air Force, and if you you are like me you didn’t really realize that the Air Force hasn’t really been around that long; since, you know, flying hasn’t been around that long either. The best piece of this book is the stories told through many interesting interviews that James Bradley had with both family members of some of the pilots whom passed and interviews with some of the survivors of WWII.


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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