Saturday Sampler


 The Liturgists Podcast: Episode 3 – The Bible


Michael Gungor’s podcast “The Liturgists Podcast” is a fantastic discussion on many topics not normally discussed in church. So many great guest speakers in the many episodes, with one of my favorites, Peter Enns, in this specific episode. If you have been confused about Michael’s beliefs from reading the Christian gossip columns on his blog posts, this episode gives an incredibly healthy discussion on the Scriptures.

The Marshall Mathers LP2


I only listen to country less than I listen to rap. Most of the time I don’t particularly like its regularly explicit nature (which is why I have the link to the “clean” version). However, I can appreciate talent and Eminem has it. The Grammy’s made this the rap album of 2014 even though it came out a year earlier. Eminem is always an open book, saying exactly what he thinks and feels, no matter how angry or crazy it sounds. His music reminds me of the Psalms in its complete rawness and sometimes aggressive nature. Best songs: Rap God, Rhyme and Reason, Berserk



Read my review from earlier this week.


Living a Life that Matters


A short quick read by one of Abraham Joshua Heschel‘s students, Rabbi Kushner, always takes an interesting perspective on the Old Testament stories. In this book he mostly discusses the story of Jacob and how powerful our identity and conscience leads to the ways we perceive success. I am an avid believer in trusting the Judaic culture to interpret their stories better than most of us do.


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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