Andreacolas Loose in Tracy: January 2016 Edition

Hey all!

K: We decided to do a monthly blog to keep people updated on life.
M: Because so far we have no friends.. well except the breakfast lady and our maid.

K: We’ll try to stay focused on only the most interesting of things… so if it takes you longer than minutes to get through, we’ll assume you’re a slow reader.

On January 9 we left Tucson and took two days to drive to Tracy, CA.
M: Californians are crazy drivers. 70 mph means 90 to 95.
K: My little Fit truly lived up to it’s name.
M: (I think you mean Fat)
K: We packed so much in it! The only problem was going up a few hills – semis were passing me. Also, I hit 100,000 miles on the way here! Matt’s green machine is the perfect car for cruising Cali, and it did quite well!
M: All it needed was a surfboard on the roof.
K: Also, we only made one wrong turn the whole trip, thanks to the phenomenal navigation skills of… you guessed it… Siri!
M: Google maps. Siri is the devil.
K: If you don’t know anything about Tracy, think small town… stores advertising “Liquor Check Cashing Bait” (<– exact quote – they don’t understand punctuation). It’s outside of Stockton, if that means anything to you. We’re staying in a Hampton Inn which equals free breakfast every morning! Woo! This also means learning to “cook” in a hotel room. I’ve mastered the art of the toaster oven and microwave meal.
IMG_8584 (1)
We are right down the way from this lovely city.
M: Toaster Asparagus!
K: Needless to say, we are very much looking forward to having a kitchen and a full size fridge.
I have spent my days doing a whole lot of nothing. I’m getting lots of reading done and have even started writing a bit… all those classes in college will not go to waste!
M: She even got us a library card 🙂
K: I walk to a different store almost every day to either get something we need to eat or just wander. I have perfected the art of “forgetting” to get something at the grocery store so I can walk the one mile round-trip for that all-important string cheese. Also, I’ve been working out. So if you know me, this is a big deal. I’ve even been running. Blah. Just goes to show how bored I am.
M: 10 min mile! She is getting so fast!
K: Matt is enjoying his job a ton!
M: A lot. Really. I now know how to find takt time, clear TOT, talk to my AA, PA, AM, and fellow TLs, take much need OOTO, FYI, LOL.
K: He works Wednesday-Saturday, 6pm-5am. Yes, you read that right. We see each other when he gets home at 5:15am (for the couple minutes I can muster my attention) and then again when he wakes up in the afternoon.
M: The one negative.
K: We do have the weekend (his “weekend”) to explore the places around us! We spent the first weekend getting acquainted with the area, the second weekend finding a place in Seattle (hallelujah!)
M: Biking distance from work, Costco and IKEA!
K: …and this past weekend in Santa Cruz and San Francisco. We went to Alcatraz, got Boudin’s sourdough, and managed to navigate the car through San Francisco traffic! It’s a Christmas miracle!
M: While I slept, because remember I work nights.
K: That sums up January for us. If you’re not asleep, get excited because in just one month you’ll get to read all about February!
the Andreacolas

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