February (and some March) 2016

K: February. What a month. Not really. I continued to wander around Tracy, taking long walks and watching lots of Netflix. Sounds nice, but it was a drag. A person can only do so little before they lose it. I pretty much lived for the days that Matt was off and we could go do something.

M: Sorry babe. I had fun though! My job is still pretty awesome. I enjoy what I am doing a lot, which is good. And on the weekends we got to do all these fun adventures.

K: We explored Calaveras Big Tree State Park, Monterey Bay and San Francisco (again). I absolutely loved Big Tree. The whole experience left me with a sense of awe, stillness and mystery that seems hard to come by in our otherwise crazy and busy world.

M: Deep.

K: Monterey Bay meant the aquarium! I love anything zoo and aquarium related. I’m quite certain I love those things more than the normal person.

M: Still especially odd to me, due to your great fear of large bodies of water.

K: There’s no explanation. We also did 17 Mile Drive and appreciated the natural beauty of the coast, along with the manmade beauty of the $1,000,000+ houses.

M: We are hoping I become CEO of Amazon sometime soon so we can have a home there.

K: Even though we already went to San Francisco, we decided we needed to go back and see more of it. This seemed like a good idea at the time (and in retrospect we’re glad we went) but it was quite the day. Everything I read online said that riding a bike in San Francisco was fun and an ‘intermediate’ level of difficulty. Wrong. We took the BART in (with bikes in tow) to San Fran, which dumped us out in the financial district. At this point we have about a mile ride to Coit Tower which, if you aren’t aware, is at the top of a gigantic hill. Nope. No way I’m getting myself up that hill. We pushed our bikes halfway up the hill and then I gave up. I’m not usually a quitter,

M: … just kidding, she really isn’t.

K: …but we only had one bike lock (the other was buried in some box in one of our cars) and I couldn’t be confident we would even get to go up in the tower because of our lack of lock. So we WALK our bikes back down the hill because it is so steep, we couldn’t ride. We ride to the wharf, get lunch and then start the ride to the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the part that made it all worth it.

M: It really was worth it. No matter what she says.

K: The ride to the bridge is relatively flat and it’s along the water. It is absolutely beautiful. There are huge fields of grass and we were there on a sunny and 75 day. Lovely. Matt rides and I walk up the hill to the bridge, with plans to go across the bridge to the other side and see the whole city from there. Turns out the bridge closes to bicyclists from 3:30-6:30 (it is now 3:10) so we ride halfway, look, and ride back. We ride back to the BART stop and… wonderful news…. it’s rush hour! Fun fact about the BART system: the elevators are nearly impossible to find and nowhere near the actual tracks. Translation: We carried our bikes up and down the stairs in all the stations. For Matt, this is not a big deal. I, on the other hand, am lifting my bike up almost to my shoulders to clear the stairs. Awesome. We get to the right track and the car is full before the doors open at our station. We do our best to kindly shove our bikes into the legs of every person on the train, trapping at least 2 people against the wall. Ha! We made it on and eventually made it back to hometel. It was quite the day.

K: I got to go back to Tucson for a week, which was so great! I was starting to lose my mind. If you saw me in Tucson, you know I talked pretty much non-stop. Oh, how I took for granted the option of talking to real people, instead of just myself 🙂

M: She is still doing that sometimes…

K: On February 29, we crammed ourselves back into our cars… on the road again! Driving was very uneventful (thank goodness) and we stopped in Eugene, Oregon the first night and were in Renton by 2 on March 1. (For those interested, Renton is about 30 minutes south of downtown Seattle. We are not in Seattle, but instead less than 5 miles from Matt’s work. We prefer it this way.)

M: Prefer it enormously. Once I get my fenders, no more car driving for me!

K: We signed all the papers and then made a ridiculous number of trips to Ikea. Try to follow along: Get huge boxes in Fit (WOO!). No room for Matt. Kacey drives to apartment. Matt jogs to apartment.

M: Uphill both ways.

K: Unloads Fit. Takes Fit and Matt back to Ikea. Loads up Fit. Kacey drives to apartment. Gets Civic. Picks up Matt at Ikea. Drives to apartment. Unloads Fit. Back to Ikea. Loads up Fit. Matt drives to apartment. Unloads Fit by himself. (How??)

M: I told you not to ask. You don’t want to know.

K: Matt takes Fit back to Ikea. Kacey and last load get in Fit. Drives to Costco. Toilet paper and detergent galore! Drives to Target. Can’t even remember what we got at Target. 10pm. Eats Costco pizza. Done.

K: Needless to say, we’ve spent the last few days building furniture and unpacking. We went to Ikea every day in a row for 4 days. That might be a record. Anyway, we’ll do a separate post on our new home when it’s all done.

M: Hopefully within the next week or two depending on how efficient I am at hanging objects on walls.

K: We’re happy to be here. Of course, we miss our friends and families, but we are excited to see what’s in store for us during our time in Renton.


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