March in Washington

K: We made it through our first full month in Washington.

M: Yay!

K: This is the first time we’ve lived together in a place that we can call our home and it’s been pretty good! We still don’t have our pictures hung up :/ But other than that pretty much everything has a home.

M: That’s more my fault..

K: Eventually we’ll put up some pictures. We did hang black-out curtains, so that’s something.

M: After an hour and a half of drilling random holes in the wall to find studs and avoid others.

K: After our crazy first few days here, Matt went back to work.

M: Yay!

K: I went back to being bored.

M: Boo!

K: It is much better here than in Cali, because I can cook in more than a toaster oven and there are actual things that need to be done to continue living normally, like laundry and vacuuming. Fun fact about vacuuming an apartment: You never need to unplug! One central outlet is enough.

M: Fun fact about having a wife: You never need to vacuum!

K: I started working on Upwork, which is a website that connects clients with freelancers. That has kept me busy (in spurts) with things like editing short books, blogs and articles. Maybe my dream of being an editor isn’t so crazy! I’ve also started writing short articles, which makes me laugh since I was adamantly opposed to writing. But hey, it’s something to do and it pays… a little. Other than that, nothing to report on the job front. I have applied and/or interviewed a few places and am waiting to hear back.

K: We’ve done some exploring of our immediate area, but not so much of Seattle. I’ve been hanging out with Sarah and baby Zeke and we did go and see the cherry blossoms on the UW campus. It was beautiful! I loved it. Everywhere I look there are different shades of every color imaginable, including green! Green trees, green grass… it’s great. This week has been super nice weather and I think it’s safe to say spring is on the way, although what do I know?

K: Other than that, Matt and I have been to Tiger Mountain State Forest and hiked up to Tiger Summit. (The picture at the top is the same location as the picture we posted, just without the fog and snow.) There was snow on the ground when we got to the top! What?!? We went with some of Matt’s friends from Amazon, which is especially nice for me because I get human contact for longer than checking out at the grocery store 🙂 “Ooooh. Aaaaaah. What an exciting life she lives…” Seriously. This hike was a major highlight.

K: Speaking of grocery stores, we are 10 minutes from the biggest mall in the PNW (Pacific Northwest for the noobs, like me). We are also 10 minutes from the biggest Costco in the nation! This=heaven. And Ikea. And REI. And beautiful libraries. And these natural water things called lakes. And Target, which is my personal favorite. 10 minutes, people! Needless to say, we really like the area we’re in. Matt is within biking distance of work and has successfully ridden his bike multiple times. (Side note: We’re 20 minutes from Emerald Downs, for those who know and care about that. I clocked it the other day.)

M: Michael..

K: We have found a church we really like. We tried a couple and this one seems just right. It’s bigger (about 1000 people based on my somewhat questionable ability to estimate) and they have small groups (AKA Home Church) spread out around the area, so we can find one closer and on a night that Matt has off. His schedule definitely limits us, so the size of the church is super helpful at this point in our lives. Beyond that, the sermons we’ve heard have been really thought provoking and ask that you consider what is being said and explore it on your own. They’re good with questions and also good with not knowing some things. We both grew up in the church, so we know the basics. This church asks us to go a step further and really explore why we believe what we do and what the actual implications are of our beliefs. We’re excited to keep going back and being challenged.

M: Kacey getting deep again! They also make their own worship music which is super cool. I have always been interested in how sometimes in church we spout theology from the stage from sermons but don’t recognize the contrasting theology of the music we then sing later. So it’s very cool to see a church that shapes their theology within the music they also create.

K: That’s about all I have to report for the month of March. I am super craving an In-N-Out burger, so that’s kind of a bummer.

M: Road trip! Or we can eat it everyday in Tucson whenever we get back there.

K: Thanks for reading! Maybe this month we’ll have some pictures of our home. Who knows.


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