How Can April Be Over?

K: Seriously, even though I’ve been pretty bored, I honestly can’t believe April is over. I could go on about how quickly life passes us by, but I want to get to the Super Awesome Great Long-Awaited News.

Not to be dramatic, but just one week ago this was me:

M: I laugh but I shouldn’t.

K: The good news is that I no longer have to be All By Myself 4-5 days a week. I’m happy to announce I got a job! Hallelujah! I’m working at a non-profit called Gateway Medical Alliance (GMA). They send medical supplies to different countries in Africa. I’ll work about 30 hours a week and the schedule is flexible so I’ll still be able to see Matt for at least a little bit each day.

M: This is the most important part, of course.

K: This will also allow me to continue editing, which I (mostly) continue to enjoy.

K: While job hunting was oh-so-fun, we have been up to much more entertaining things, like figuring out if we’ll ever be able to afford a house in the PNW (probably not, if you’re wondering). Just kidding.

M: No, she’s not.

K: We have been thinking about a house, but only because we’ve had more time to explore up here and are really enjoying the area and feel like we could stay here for awhile. However, I haven’t lasted through a winter yet, so who knows.

M: Winter? I don’t even think I’ll leave the Amazon building during November/December; you’ll have to bring me delicious dinners and feed me through the spin dials.

K: One cool place we love going is a park that is about ten minutes from us and is on Lake Washington. There are good trees to set up the hammock…

M: When we pick the right trees, which we did once and failed to do the second time.

K: …and a beach area for swimming or sun bathing. I’ve never loved tanning, but I think I will be taking advantage of this any time I can … I need the sun!

M: Yeah you do. Wait, what’s sun?

K: We go there on Matt’s days off and usually take a picnic and our books. It’s relaxing!


K: We went on a hike to the top of a mountain (pictured above). The. very. top. I’m not in phenomenal shape or anything, but this hike made it seem like I had never actually used my legs or lungs to do anything more than get from the fridge to the couch. It was killing me. Like “I need to take a break every 5 minutes” killing me. Not exaggerating and maybe even being a little generous. I really took a break about every 4 minutes. However, once we got to the top, the views were magnificent. As cliche as it is, the pain was worth it. Plus, we were with some of our friends (from Amazon) and that made it more fun.

M: 8 miles total, ladies and gentlemen. Amazon friends always make it better.

K: Notice how we said “friends”? We made friends! Yay! I also made some new friends at a small group I attended. It meets every other week so it’ll be a good way for me to get to know some more people and have something to do in the evening. We’re still looking for something that will work for Matt’s schedule.

K: Speaking of Matt’s schedule … He’s going to get his first vacation in May because we’re coming to Tucson!!

M: Thank God.

K: Our list of things to do includes seeing two of our siblings graduate high school (Beka and Taylor), seeing the rest of the family, seeing our friends and eating at all the places we miss. This includes In ‘N Out (I think I’ve already mentioned this; that’s how bad we miss it), Eegee’s which will have orange dream :D, Mama Louisa’s for some Joe’s and a burrito place because good Mexican is really hard to come by up here.

M: Wrong. Not a burrito place. Potosino. The ONLY burrito place.

K: We’re excited about all the fun people and delicious things Tucson holds for us! I promise we really are excited about the people… just I should’ve eaten dinner two hours ago so I’m hungry (more on that later).

M: We are also excited to tell you all about the same 8 to 12 things we tell everyone else on our trip home! Woooo.

K: We finally hung pictures. And by pictures, I mean picture frames. Now that they’re up and I know which room they’ll reside in, I can decide which pictures to print and put in them. Thanks, Matthew! 🙂

M: No, thank you for teaching me that a single nail is adequate.

K: One final thought before I finally go eat dinner: The sun stays up forever! It creates a massive problem with my internal clock and things get very confusing… like when do I eat?!? And what time is it appropriate to go to bed? It’s currently 8pm and it looks like full blown daylight outside. The thing is, I know it’s only going to stay brighter for longer! That’s my April revelation. Ask me how it’s going in June.

M: Just use it to tan! See you all soon.





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