May Overfloweth

K: Hey all! May is already over and it seems I’m quickly losing days of June. This month brought lots of excitement, both good and bad.

M: It’s only June 3rd…

K: On May 9, we celebrated our one year anniversary. Wowzers! That week also marked the longest we have stayed in one place since we got married, coming in at a whopping 1o weeks. To celebrate, we recreated our wedding meal. So romantic, right?!

M: I know I am.

K: For the 3 of you reading our blog that didn’t go to our wedding, that means chipotle and fro-yo! Translation: No shopping, cooking or cleaning. Just some good eating. Matt made me the most amazing gift ever. It’s some of the papers, tickets, cards and wristbands from Europe! I love it! Check it out in the picture above. Or come visit us and see it hanging on the wall. Your call.

M: Visiting is much more fun as you will see below.

K: Chris (Matt’s dad) was also in town that week, so we saw Captain America and went to a Mariner’s game. While I enjoy both of those things, I will honestly say that much of my enjoyment comes from the opportunity to eat delicious, unhealthy food at outrageous prices.

M: Mmmmm garlic fries.

K: The next week was not quite as fun, or at least made me not quite as interested in eating unhealthy food or paying outrageous prices for anything. On a Saturday, I went and got a new tire, because one of mine had worn down quite a bit (probably we didn’t pack the car as evenly as we had hoped for our long journey up here…). Then, less than 48 hours later, someone stole 2 wheels off my car at 5am! Thank goodness the alarm went off because they had already loosened the other two.

M: And I had to chase them down the street in my underwear.

K: When it was all said and done, I was at Discount Tire 4 times in 5 days and had even become so friendly with the tire guys that they were kind enough to gently wake me up from a much-needed nap I took while waiting in their shop.

K: To make the whole situation more interesting, Matt got food poisoning the next morning at 5am. Sad 😦 Hence, the reason for my nap in Discount. We had a couple of long days. However, through it all, I must say that I am so grateful we don’t always spend our money on outrageously priced ball park food and were able to handle the cost without any major issues.

M: Mr. Money Mustache has taught us well.

K: I’m also grateful that traveling in Europe (as newlyweds) prepared us to work together and be flexible. We quickly learned the value of having a good attitude and finding perspective. The first night (while my car was still up on blocks) was anxious and sleepless, but within 24 hours of the whole mess, we were back to normal (emotionally) and just dealing with it. Yay! Matt wasn’t quite back to normal physically, but we made it work.

K: In the middle of that whole mess, we got to preview the Minimalist’s documentary. It was great! They were there to answer questions and I even smiled at them like a total goober when I saw them walking down the street. Ha. I’m so smooth.

M: I was not there when she saw them, otherwise we may have actually talked with them.

K: Matt and I continue to minimize and figure out what really adds value to our lives. It’s a trying process, but also something that really helps us live our best lives. Let us know if you want to play the minimalist game with us 🙂 We’ll kick your butts. Or Matt will.

M: DVDs, computer, car, wife.. wait.

K: So the next week was marked by the happiness of going to Tucson! We made it through both graduation ceremony’s with only some minor sarcasm and complaints.

M: Except that one speech. It was terrible. By point two of the five point star I was dying.

K: We got to see lots of people we love and miss. We ate at all our most-missed places.

M: In N Out!

K: We learned how to cook the famous Andreacola meatballs. We saw our babies (Grace & Oakley). We laughed till our bellies hurt. We didn’t cry even once. We took pictures. We did everything we wanted to. We came back exhausted.

Can’t get any higher than this!

K: Katelyn and Michael came to stay with us the same day we got back from Tucson. So fun! We went to Portland and ate Voodoo Doughnuts and got lost in Powell’s bookstore. Look it up if you like books. We also saw the unicyle-riding, mask-wearing, bagpipe-playing guy (AKA the Unipiper). Also look that up because it’s real.

The Unipiper busily unipiping

We went to church. We went to Emerald Downs and watched the horse races. We ate new and yummy food. We got up and took them to their engagement pictures at 6 in the morning! Katelyn and Michael, you are welcome. I’m sure the pictures will be beautiful. We went to the Columbia Tower and looked at Seattle from the tallest building in the city. We talked and laughed and just generally enjoyed having them here. Another bonus is that Sarah, Chuy and Zekey Booty joined us for most of this! Yay for so much friend time.

K: Whew. Now that I’ve made it through the events, I would just like to throw in at the end that I am really enjoying my job. Like, really.

M: Really she does.

M: Really.

K: Before I got it, I was applying at some of the local libraries for a position that required someone to be able to restock shelves. Without sounding too prideful, I think I’m qualified. I have an English degree and am a pro at alphabetizing. But, for some reason, I could not even get a call back for an interview. Why wasn’t I good enough for that job? I was so discouraged and went on Craigslist in a moment of frustration and hurt. I found the job at GMA and applied immediately. Within an hour, I had a call back from Greg (my boss) and was scheduling an interview. Now that I have the job, I’m okay with the library not working out. However, in the interest of honesty, I do still wonder why I’m not allowed to put book on shelves for minimum wage… 🙂 The world will never know.

K: I’m still editing and one of my clients wants me to permanently join their team, which also comes with a raise. Woo! Dreams do come true, although not without hard work and lots of rejection 🙂 At least in my case. Either way, I’m glad I am able to do something I love, even if it does mean reading some crazy, confusing, truly unbelievable stories.

K: It’s a wrap! May is done and we’re charging into June.

K: One more thought: I am now the proud owner of a ghetto-mobile. I refuse to buy the original Honda wheels because the Discount guys told me I was the 5th honda fit owner in 2 months that had their wheels stolen. Apparently there’s a big market for them right now. There was no way I was buying the nice ones just so someone could steal them again. Until we move somewhere that my car can be parked in a garage, here’s a picture of my baby. So. Cool.





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