Happy Summer!

K: Summer is here! For us, that means days ranging anywhere from the 60s to the 80s. Whaaaat?? It’s been beautiful and sometimes even cold. It’s great. We have a pretty comfy pullout couch if anyone is interested 🙂

M: Please come! This is the best time of year. Plus free lodging is always the best and I make some damn good egg burritos.

K: June meant the start of our summer session groups at church. We go to one called BEER (Building Empowering & Encouraging Relationships). We meet at a different brewery every week. It’s been great to have something that Matt and I can both go to and meet new people. Plus we’ve been able to sample lots of beer.

M: Preferably ciders and girly beers but I’m getting more used to the taste and possibly more interested (maybe, probably not).

K: Work has been good for me.

M: And still me as well.

K: I made it through my first container load that is full of supplies off to Ghana. It went pretty smoothly and definitely confirmed how much I enjoy my job.

M: I now have a group of about 32 people reporting to me. Lots to do all the time, keeps me busy. We also had our first experience without one of my coworkers (he went on vacation) and we survived running the shift by ourselves.

K: We’ve been doing some more hiking and seeing many more beautiful things in the area! I have enjoyed the view and the downhill, although it’s still hard for me to enjoy the uphill battle to the top. Unfortunately, I did strain a very important muscle in my leg, leaving me to limp around, hobble up stairs and barely be able to push in the clutch. Oops.

M: My goal: climb every mountain out here.

K: My editing has been pretty consistent, but I have edited some weirdo books! I’m not allowed to publicly say what I’m editing before it comes out, but seriously. If you see a family member of mine, ask them the name of the last book. It’s a gem. Or text me. It’s that funny.

M: Somewhat gross.. but I guess I really don’t know, it’s not like I’m reading it. Speaking of reading, my level of reading has gone down significantly both in amount and in grade level. I decided to reread The Series of Unfortunate Events because it slows my brain down into a sort of cool-off state.

K: Last month, on the very day I posted that someone had messed with my car, someone broke into Matt’s car in the middle of the day and broke a Honda key off in the ignition! Poop face. Once we got the key piece out, we parked the car on someone’s property and left it there until just a couple days ago. Now we have a fancy alarm system and keyless entry! Welcome to the 21st century. Yeah! We successfully shared my car for the whole month. Thank goodness we’re both so close to work!

M: She sounds pretty sweet now too. BOOP BOOP!

K: We went to the solstice parade in Fremont. Before you google that, part of it is nude bicyclists that have been painted. There are also normal parade floats and what you would regularly expect. I’m not sure we’d go back, but it was quite the experience! That also happened to be the first Saturday that Matt has had off (besides when we were in Tucson). Yay!

M: Sure we will! We’ll ride in it next year.

K: I started volunteering at the library once a week with English learners. It’s called Talk Time and it’s essentially a conversational session where I facilitate different topics so that people can learn English and American culture. I really enjoy it and am so glad I’ve been able to find a place to use some of my ESL training.

M: Meanwhile, my days off consist of sitting on the couch putting my legs and brain back together.

K: That’s really not true. He shops, cooks, cleans and maintains the cars on his days off! Boom. Sugar daddy and a housemaid.

K: My parents came on Saturday! Woo! We’ve been having lots of fun so far! And Mo is coming for a few days! So much fun!

M: Woo! People!

K: We went to our farmers’ market and got Rainier cherries. Holy Moses. I freakin’ love them. So yummy! We’ve also been frequenting the library. Way too much. I can read fast, but not fast enough to keep up with the 5 new books I bring back twice a week.

K: It seems like I don’t have a lot to say this month (amazing!) but I feel like it’s probably because we’re actually getting into more of a rhythm up here. Life is trucking along and we’re enjoying it. For real though, let us know if you wanna come visit. Or even if you’re in town for something else. We can be flexible 🙂


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