The One Where July is Over

K: July was so busy! We had visitors for about half the month and it was so nice to see familiar faces! The month started with visits to Mt Rainier, Fremont, Tacoma, Ballard and a few other beautiful stops. We did lots of walking and talking. We watched boats come in through the locks and slid down hills of snow. We tried new breweries and restaurants. We went to new parks and stood in line to swing down on zipline.jpg

M: Hey! I didn’t get to do that. Not fair.

K: We went to church and we watched fireworks in the cold. And to think, this was all with my parents! IMG_20160706_152626We were so glad to have them in town and be able to enjoy hanging out and talking about life’s mysteries like we used to. Or really like we still do… just for a bit it wasn’t over facetime.

K: We had 3 days off and then Mo arrived!

M: Yay Mo!

K: We did almost no touristy stuff, but instead ate our way through the weekend. We ate teriyaki chicken, garlic fries, taco bell (because Mo is the only one who will agree to eat it with Matt)…

M: Yes!

K: …corn on the cob, mini donuts, fried mac & cheese, funnel cake, Sarku (because it’s tradition), moose tracks ice cream, pancakes and a few other things. Basically life picked up right where it left off 🙂IMG_20160716_122950

K: We did go to Pike Place and REI which are my go-to spots for visitors. Because really, have you even been to Seattle if you haven’t been to REI? I mean Pike Place.

M: REI is the shit! (The mandatory saying for anyone that wants to seem like they are from here.)

K: It was great having our people here and we miss them dearly. As everything was wrapping up I was thinking to myself “Back to normal, back to our schedule…” WRONG! Matt got a new schedule at work which, if you can believe it, is even suckier than the old one!

M: Boo.

K: He now works Thursday-Sunday nights which means no more church and basically no more weekend.

M: More boo.

K: Sad. I whined and complained about it for a while, but I seem to be getting over it. More time for me to do whatever I want! Responsibilities? Nah. Binge-watching Friends? Yaaaas!


K: Speaking of church, we started volunteering in the 4/5s room this month. Matt can no longer do that (thanks, Amazon) but I’m enjoying it and plan to keep volunteering. I’m also still doing the Talk Time conversational class and really liking it. Even though I’ve spent a lot of time in Linguistics classes and language-learning classes, it still surprises me when I realize some of the crossover words/phrases in English. (Disclaimer: No matter what you’ve been told, English is no harder to learn than any other language.) For example, one of the people asked me what “stepchildren” means. She couldn’t figure out if they were children that knew how to walk or if they frequently stepped on things.

M: Sounds like something from A Series of Unfortunate Events (which I am rereading mainly due to the fact that my brain is too tired to read normal human books after work).

K: Very entertaining to me. Also I’m sure it’s entertaining to them when I frantically gesture or draw some awful little picture trying to communicate what I’m saying. Anyway, still fun.

K: Someone tried to take the green machine again. But to them I say “HA! WE HAVE A FANCY PANTS ALARM!” They were unsuccessful. We remain triumphant.

M: HA!

K: This last weekend we experienced picnic mania! Amazon’s picnic was at CenturyLink Field and it was ginormous! There was endless free food and tons of activities for kids. We mainly just wandered and enjoyed the opportunity to stand on the field and gawk at the club level… it’s unlikely we will ever do those things at anything other than an Amazon function.

K: Then Sunday we had our GMA picnic for our volunteers. Also good food and there were games more geared toward us grownups. We played bean bag toss with toilet risers…

M: And I won that.

K: …and croquet with walkers. Ya know, because why not when we’re medically focused? Overall it was a full weekend and a good last hoorah before Matt never sees the weekend again.

K: One final thought: I think this is the first time in over a decade that I went without a watermelon eegee’s in July. It hurts.

Andreacolas out.


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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