6 Months in the PNW

K: Grab yourself a cup of coffee (or cold brew if you’re in Tucson) and settle in for some Andreacola reflection time. This might get long 🙂

M: But not too long. We don’t want you to get bored with us even from afar.

K: We’ve been up here for 6 months now! Crazy. Some things have definitely changed, while others seem to be set in stone (as much as is possible in this season of our lives).

K: My obsession with the Olympics has not changed.

M: While I, on the other hand, cannot handle the amount she wants to watch on a 24-hour basis.

K: Normally I go to bed at 10. When the Olympics is on, I either sleep on the couch for the whole night (oops) or go to bed at midnight. I can’t not watch the Olympics. These people competing are the peak of physical strength, skill and ability. It’s insane. I love it. I’m also glad it’s only every 2 years. Otherwise I would never leave the house.

K: Our pursuit of delicious food has changed. We rarely eat out, instead opting to eat 20 meals a week at home. All of this has resulted in something insane: I made my own 22applesauce. What? I don’t even like applesauce that much. And then I put it in mason jars. What? Who even does that? I do. Apparently I do that.

M: No one likes applesauce that much. I’ve never heard someone
answer the question: “What is your favorite food?” with applesauce.

K: I still subscribe to the phrase “If it’s free it’s for me.” With that being said, my applesauce all started because someone at work gave me a whole bunch of apples that were about to go bad. I also took in 4 new plants that needed to be re-homed, growing our small family up to 6 (2 grownups, one cactus, one 20bonsai tree, one christmas cactus and three orchids). Wow!

M: We are growing so fast.

K: I’m not sure if this is change or the same, but we can care for living things other than ourselves! However, we’re not ready to commit to anything more serious than a plant at this point. The pet fish can wait 🙂

K: Matt’s fear of spiders has changed (out of necessity). Fun fact: spiders are numerous and large up here. They’re not dangerous, but they’re everywhere. Think 4 spiders killed in one hour. I do my part in handling the situation, but if Matt’s home I make him do it.

M: It isn’t that bad. Kacey’s new nickname is the Spiderslayer.

K: Our understanding of heat has changed. Now, hot means anything above 80. Yep, it’s true. I’m quite certain my understanding of cold has not changed. I’m already working on my plans for hibernation. Stay tuned.

K: Our interest in the housing market has most definitely changed. People, the housing up here is unbelievably expensive! We look at zillow and cry. But then when we look farther south, we get a little happier. Maybe if some of you people come visit us next year, we’ll have a room for you! Maybe. Don’t get your hopes up. We certainly aren’t.

M: Living in an apartment for the first time has definitely given us appreciation for the houses we’ve lived in since birth.

K: Our social lives have definitely changed. I’m not gonna lie, making friends is hard. I don’t love the effort it requires. But we’re working on it and slowly but surely finding our people up here. Our love of our Tucson friends has definitely not changed. We’ve adapted to the distance and say a little thank you prayer to Jesus every time we can see the faces of our friends and family on a phone. Think what you will about technology… facetime is an amazing thing.

K: Our relationship has changed. When we’re in a new place doing all new things, we’re 21forced to rely on each other more than ever. Kinda like Europe. Except this is real life. And that was a dream come true. I think we’ve settled in pretty nicely to our day-to-day life.

K: Matt probably will never see this since I’m putting it in right before I publish (HA!), but he is doing really well and loves his job, despite the sucky schedule. This is him post pie-in-the-face. Apparently this is acceptable if you’re his employee. But not if you’re his wife. Also he stays up with Amazon all night. Basically, Amazon is the other woman.

K: Our pursuit of minimalism hasn’t changed, although it does look different. We have still managed to find things to get rid of that we bothered to move here (why?) but we’ve also really, really, extra started considering each purchase we make. Will it increase our joy by allowing us to do something we want? Will it cut out steps or wasted time? Will it replace something that is broken? Will it allow us to help someone else or form a relationship? For example, we bought a TV antenna so I could watch the Olympics. It increased my joy, cut out wasted time doing anything other than watching the Olympics, replaced the fact that we didn’t even have local channels before that and allowed me to form a personal relationship with the remote and the athletes. Uh-mazing. But really. Considering these questions has cut so much more financial waste and helped us value the things that we have.

M: We also started giving more money away to different things since we’ve asked ourselves all these questions. It’s been good for us.

K: With that said, quick shameless plug 🙂 Check out the new charity:water video. The little girl, Rachel, went to the church we currently attend and the guy that’s giving the eulogy in Africa is the pastor! This makes a charity that we already liked seem a bit closer to home.

K: The way we spend our free time has changed. Hammocking and hiking are high on the list of things to do. Living in a small apartment and owning not that much means less cleaning and maintaining! That is something I can always get behind. Our shared interested in reading has definitely not changed. Although the number of books we bring home from the library far outweighs the number of books we can actually read. Sad.

M: It’s very, very sad and very, very true.

K: Things that are majestic and induce jaw-dropping are still my favorite (man-made or natural). I watched the meteor shower on the night it peaked at around 1am. My gosh. It was phenomenal and I wasn’t even that far out and didn’t stay that long. One of my favorite activities ever is gawking at things I don’t understand and don’t get to see all the time.

M: My music interests have changed. I have been borrowing CDs from the library and updating my music collection (it feels more okay doing it that way than to download it off the internet OKAY?!). Alt-J, Alabama Shakes, Chvrches; yes. Beatles, Pink Floyd; still not so much. Kendrick, Jay-Z; still getting used to it.

K: Our love of ice cream has changed… and by changed I mean increased dramatically. Tillamook ice cream is the greatest thing that ever happened to ice cream. So much deliciousness. Also our taste for beer has changed. Seattle is brewery central and there are a million options. We’ve found some we like, although more than anything we like the people we go with.

K: Our clothing choices have definitely changed. Yoga pants every day? Yes. Socks and birks? Yes. For both of us. Long sleeves, vests and shorts? Yes. Full winter clothes and open-toe shoes? Yes. Skin as white as snow? Yes. Undeniably yes.

That just about sums up our first half a year here in the PNW. We’re still asking life’s big questions: Where do we want to be in 5 years? How can we make the most of the time we have? Where does that one lost sock go after we do laundry? Why are these people so crazy about a football team? We’re hoping to have the answers to at least 2 of these in the upcoming months. Thanks for sticking with us!

Peace out.

M & K


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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