Fall is in the Air!

K: Hey all! Oh my goodness. I just have to start out by saying that this thing called fall is real! It’s not just a pretend switch where we start wearing our boots and scarves and do fall-esque things, like drinking more Starbucks and instagramming about the changing leaves. I do NOT like Pumpkin Spice Lattes, so that was never part of my pretend fall. But you get the idea. Anyway, fall is real! My car is dewey and cold every morning. I’m  cold every morning. The office is cold every morning. It’s weird. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle winter if this is just fall.

K: However, this means that my fall activities/traditions are not only justifiable, but usually necessary! Crazy. I now have an excuse to bake more things so I can warm up part of the apartment without giving up and turning on the heat. Chocolate chip zucchini bread and blueberry muffins are a new staple!

M: And actually pretty yummy!

K: September was actually a pretty normal month. We’ve been busy doing everyday life and it’s been nice. My job is getting busier, as starting in August we were on track to send out 6 containers before the end of the year. I’m getting the hang of all the legally/paperworky stuff which is a relief.

K: Matt’s job has also been getting busier, but we expected that.

M: Yeaaahhh. Overtime for life! Woooo!

K: Now, he’s a zombie that talks in his sleep and can’t read grown-up books because his brain is too slow.

M: It’s also why my thoughts in the blog are short as well

K: It’s entertaining but I’m ready for the old Matt back. January seems so close and yet so far.

K: My freelance editing and writing has been moving along nicely! I have some exciting news about one of  my recent projects that I finished this month. Hopefully I can share sometime in October.

M: It’s pretty freakin’ cool.

K: I started my new ESL conversational class at the library this month. I love it! There are students from Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam and South Korea (and hopefully more places in the coming months). The variety of background languages mean they’re all forced to speak in English if they want to communicate! Woohoo! That makes my job a little easier 🙂

K: I would like to take a moment to officially announce that we’ve made friends! YAY! We have people we hang out with and grab dinner with and who will help us in a pinch.

K: Speaking of friends helping us… one of our friends will be dropping Matt off at the airport on Saturday so he can begin his vacation in Tucson! YAYAYAY! All the yays. We’re super excited to go to Tucson and visit everyone. I get to arrive a day earlier than Matt, so even better for me 🙂

M: Speaking of friends helping us.. ask Kacey or me about my mountain top adventure when you see us in Tucson.

K: Like last time, we are especially excited about visiting people over food that we desperately miss. I won’t bore you with the details again, but trust that we’re already getting hungry thinking about it.

K: That’s about it with us. I expect we’ll be getting into a holiday routine with Matt’s schedule and life will look exactly the same day in and day out. So, I will have to start thinking of other topics to make you read in the coming months.

Thanks for keeping up with us!



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