October 2016: Title Pending

K: We’re back! Seems like an eternity since we last wrote. Apparently October was a long month.

M: So long, but it still feels like we didn’t really do that much. Maybe that’s why it felt so long.

K: At the beginning of October we went to Tucson! YAY! We didn’t have a lot of time but managed to see both of our families, hang out with some friends and eat some food. We attended the Antosh wedding and experienced Seattle-like weather on Mount Lemmon. What’s that about?! All in all it was a fun and refreshing trip. We miss Tucson.

M: Too much sometimes.

K: We came home and got right back into the swing of things. GMA had its annual banquet at Emerald Downs. I got to meet lots of people I had only previously heard of, as well as eat the most delicious food!

M: So much good food! I went to work the rest of that night so 10+ hours and didn’t eat anything, I was still so full!

K: It was a successful night and fun to be a part of.

K: I’ve also been keeping busy with my ESL volunteering at the library.

M: And I am kept busy avoiding volunteering.

K: I am reminded of why I am not a teacher: I hate lesson plans. I love going and talking with everyone, but seriously… lesson plans are the worst. On the plus side, there have been people from Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Ethiopia, Mexico and some other countries I can’t think of. I love the diversity and how much I get to learn every week!

K: Speaking of learning things, here’s an interesting linguistic thing up here: Tolo. Tolo is another way to say Sadie Hawkins dance. Someone said it very casually and I asked them to repeat it, still didn’t understand and finally asked for an explanation. I had never heard of it before and so I looked it up when I got home. It’s specific to the PNW. Pretty neat, huh?

K: Another thing we’re learning up here is that fall means cold and winter means colder. I know, there’s not really snow to worry about, but it is still cold for us sun-worshipers. I gave in and turned the heat on in the middle of October, because the apartment was 62* when I got up in the morning. Ridiculous!

M: It only registered at 62, I think it was even colder than that.

K: In other weather news, this October was the rainiest October on record! How’s that for a nice welcome to the winter?

K: Midway through the month we celebrated Matt’s birthday. Because our weekends aren’t the same, we made a weekend of Monday-Wednesday. I was tired at work but the benefit is that nothing is quite as crowded when your weekend is everyone else’s work week. We went to a club in Ballard and heard some live music, had dinner with friends and went to a Sounders game. Considering how little time we usually have, it worked out pretty well!

M: Woooo Sounders! (A soccer team for those that are uninformed.) Then I worked on my actual birthday. Woo.

K: In case you heard about the horrendous storm that was supposed to happen, it didn’t. Haha. It was windy and there were some power outages, but that’s not unusual for the first storm of the season. Thanks to the Great Miss, I am now more prepared for a storm. Also it was the perfect reason to introvert the weekend away.

M: “Blew all the napkins off the picnic table” is still my favorite line.

K: Our church is starting this new thing that I’m super excited about! If there is a speaker from out of town (which happens fairly regularly), we’ll have something called Pub Chat that Sunday night, where we can go back and meet the speaker and have a Q&A time, along with cornhole and just hanging out. We’re going to the first one this Sunday!

M: With Kent Dobson (no relation, thank God, to James), former Mars Hill Bible Church pastor. Literal genius.

K: Halloween was particularly not exciting this year. We had two sets of trick-or-treaters! What’s up with that?! Now I also have a bunch of candy that I do not need.

M: Yes we do. We always need candy.

K: We did have the traditional Nelson chili and cornbread while we anticipated handing out candy.

M: And a new traditional facetiming of the family.

K: I wrote a book!

M: Because she is incredible!!

K: I’ve decided that I basically just signed up to feel the misery of college all over again. I wrote and wrote and had 12,000 words and then could not come up with the last 800 words to save my life. I called my mom and she helped me, thank goodness! It was an interesting and (mainly) fun experience, but not sure if I have anything else I want to say in book form 🙂

K: Thanks for reading! We write for us, but also for our moms and anyone else that cares about the day-to-day details of our lives. If you’re still sticking with us, we appreciate you!

M: But mainly for our moms.


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