Forced Minimalism

Hi All!

Matt is too tired to participate in the blogging, so I’m flying solo!

November has been a heck of a month. Matt is working 75-90 hours a week, all overnight. Understandably, if he’s not at work, he’s asleep. That basically sums up his life.

Funny story about him… An online financial account didn’t have enough character spaces when he was filling out his name so it showed up on everything as Matthew Christophe Andreacola. He had to fill out all this paperwork and get an official (higher than a notary) to confirm that he was actually that person. It made me laugh.

Ooh and this was funny too: One day one of his new employees (like maybe had been there a day or two) didn’t know what Matt looked like. Another manager showed the employee Matt’s work picture that he’s not wearing glasses in, but they still had no recollection of him. Then the manager used paint (the computer program) to draw on the glasses and suddenly the employee knew exactly who his boss was! Here’s the picture for your enjoyment:


We did see Doctor Strange on one of his last awake days. He was happy about that.

I have been working and keeping the rest of our lives going, which really doesn’t require much. Or at least didn’t require much until we ran into a(nother) major issue with our apartment complex… I told them we had a humidity problem and they weren’t all that responsive. When I found mold all over my favorite pair of shoes, along with every other pair of shoes we own, I got a dehumidifier and starting doing what I could to control it. 75% humidity inside!! I’ve dumped 180+ pints of water and had it running for more than a week. I’ve  now discovered mold in lots of places. So yay!

Consequently, it seems like I’ve spent most of my time cleaning, drying and becoming an expert on Washington tenant laws. I’ll see you in court! (But hopefully not.)

I’ve also done some reading and cooked up a few yummy things. I made stuffed bell peppers one night… oh man. Soooo delicious. Cooking is a great remedy for boredom. Even though the cold is not my favorite, the cold-related food is my favorite. The amount of coffee and soup I’ve ingested recently is unbelievable. And to think, I didn’t even used to like soup!

I must say that I am really trying to condition myself to react differently to this weather. In Tucson, this kind of weather means grabbing a blanket, some coffee and a book or movie because, dang it, it’s cold outside! However, since this is the weather every day for the foreseeable future, that’s not an option. Also, this whole DST thing is ridiculous. I have said it before and I’ll say it again: THE FARMERS CAN WAKE UP WHENEVER THEY WANT! DST is antiquated and generally torturous. It should not be dark at 4:15pm. Oh also, also, the forecast for my birthday is snow! What in the heck?

A couple from church took us in on Thanksgiving and fed us and kept us warm and dry. It was very nice to not be alone on Thanksgiving and even to just generally witness familial interactions (grandparents, cousins, aunt & uncles). We don’t get a lot of that up here. Shout out to our families! Feel free to visit any time you get a hankering for some cold and traffic 🙂 We also accept summer time visitors.

My English class at the library is going really well! I met this man in his 60s from Syria and he is my new favorite. He called me “Madam” for the whole class and spoke so much wisdom in his broken, thickly-accented English. I’m absolutely loving the opportunity to learn from cultures all over the world.

Oh my goodness I forgot the most important food fact! We finally found a Mexican food place that has good Mexican food! YAY! I got a California burrito the size of my head for $7 (which includes guac and sour cream… what?!). So great.

On that very great note, I will leave you with this saying we hear at church over and over again: Life is a gift and what you do with it matters.

K(&M – in spirit)

M: …Good morning.. evening?.. I’m going back to bed.



Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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