Buy Nothing Update: Target

Hi hi!

We’re going strong… about 2 and 1/2 weeks in. So far, we’ve only spent $5 and change on things. We got 2 puzzles (after donating 2) and 2 books (one of which we couldn’t get from the library because Matt’s a nerd and he reads textbooks – he has no excuse for the other). We got it all at the thrift store that’s within walking distance of our apartment. Yay!

The difficulty came when I had to go to Target. Now I know it seems like maybe I didn’t have to, but here’s the thing: we buy our almond milk there. I bought it somewhere else and then I made ranch dressing using it, and it was terrible! It was so bad. So, I HAD to go to Target to get our milk (and also change a prescription at the pharmacy). I made Matt go with me because, let’s be real, Target is my weakness and I needed back up. I can hold onto my money with an iron grip until I get to Target.

The thing is, when I walk through the magical red doors I suddenly need everything. I need the new sweater and definitely this clock and my goodness look at that new eye shadow! (Guys, I wear eye shadow maybe once a month.) Then I keep walking and decide I need some new colorful pens and a new puzzle and definitely new socks and wow this hand soap smells amazing! Also I’m going on a trip soon so probably I should buy the travel size of all these potions, even if I wouldn’t use them at home – I want to be the best me on vacation! Basically, Target convinces me that I need everything they sell.

I digress… I’m proud to report that I only spent the $2.59 on milk and walked away. I achieved this by wearing blinders and going straight to the pharmacy, not even stopping to look at the purses. Matt got the milk so I wouldn’t have to go past too many tempting aisles. BOOM! That was my major victory. Other than Target, there haven’t been any big challenges. I was feeling sad I couldn’t buy new rain boots because nothing I own keeps the water out. But oh well. Plenty of time to look in the thrift stores. Besides, winter is almost over and I’ve made it this far, right? 🙂


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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