Feb-brrrr-ary 2017

K: It’s official. We’ve been living in Washington for exactly one year! We’ve seen more rain and clouds and snow and hail than I saw in my entire life up to this point. Here are some fun weather stats about February:

We’re on record for the second wettest February ever.

On average, there are just 3 clear days in the month of February.

We’re on record for the 3rd or 4th most days of snow in February ever.

I’m cold. I’m excited for some sunshine.

K: Living up here frequently means talking about the weather and the other unpredictable, unstoppable force that will rule your days and weeks: the traffic. Yesterday, a truck full of butane rolled over on I-5, causing people to be stuck for 3+ hours before getting turned around. (That doesn’t take into account how long I-5 was actually closed.) A food truck on its way to serve lunch just opened up on the interstate instead. These are the fun things we discuss with people. Matt and I also both passed the same semi truck that had lost it’s trailer in the middle of the road, each on our way to work. IMG_20170221_153257.jpgThat’s what happens when we live in a massive manufacturing area! I’ve also watched 2 accidents happen in the same intersection less than 3 weeks apart. Driving here is crazy! On the plus side, I have become much better at parallel parking. People, check out this parallel phenomenon… I didn’t even hit the curb to achieve that!

M: Ooooohhhh shit.

K: Besides the specific PNW things I’ve had to come to term with, we had a great month! Matt finally started working days (this is his second week) so we’ve been doing things like eating dinner together and watching tv together.

M: Yay! It’s pretty great being alive in the daytime. The sun peeks out more than Kacey likes to admit and I finally see it. Plus, my new job is awesome and I am doing a lot of really interesting things that you’ll have to ask me about.

K: On Saturdays we can do whatever we want! Novel! I’m sure the novelty will wear off and I’ll be overwhelmed by my clear lack of alone time (previously at least 4 nights a week), but for now I’ll revel in it.

M: She just grabs my arm and doesn’t move all night for the most part. At least I got her to pretty much stop watching hours of Grey’s. Mostly. I did catch her today when I got home.

K: We had a big fun weekend to celebrate the start of Matt’s new shift and position. We went and watched the Wildcats beat the Huskies in their own stadium. It’s fun to be the winning team on someone else’s turf. We also got those fancy Starbucks mugs for free with entry, but of course there is UW stuff all over them. Haven’t decided how to cover that up yet since we aren’t buying new things… We were originally thinking stickers. Now I’m thinking sell them 🙂 Or just be sure to denounce the Huskies to anyone who witnesses us using the mugs. Bear down!

K: The next day we went on a food tour in Capitol Hill. We ate so much food! We have a myriad of new places that we’ve tried and would love to take visitors to (in the summer). We had cupcakes, bagels, Thai, tacos, cider and butterbeer floats. All very  delicious. We also found an amazing Mexican food place that we can easily walk to from our place. It is dee-lish-us.

M: I have created my own tour for any of my guy friends that end up coming to the PNW. So let me know when you buy a ticket.

K: Our new apartment is working out really well. The management is so responsive and it’s just generally cleaner and nicer. Plus there’s no mold! YAY!img_20170202_133005

K: Mo came to visit us at the beginning of the month and she got to experience the new apartment and the freezing cold! It was so great to catch up and show her a little more of our lives up here. She came to work with me and met all the volunteers and got to see us load a container. I wish there was Bring Your Friend to Work Day at every job! I’d love to see what more of my friends do. Someone needs to make this happen.

K: Also, just a fun note, the day Mo came to work with me she fell asleep in the office while I finished up some paperwork. Good news is that I’m used to people who work nights and fall asleep during anything and everything.

M: Hey!

Peace out.



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