Buy Nothing Update: Cooking with the Colas

We’re a little more than 6 weeks in to buying nothing! Still holding strong.

Since the last update, we’ve given away two puzzles and purchased two more. We also purchased a jacket for Matt because you can never have too many layers up here, minimalist or not. I think we spent $12 total on used items. Otherwise, we have only purchased consumable items and experiences (food, food tour, basketball game, dishwasher soap, etc.).

We did have to go to the mall twice to drop off my wedding ring to get it fixed and then pick it up. This seems silly, but it was kind of surreal to be in a huge place where we have decided we won’t buy anything. NOTHING. It’s not even as if there was anything in the mall I desperately wanted. I just couldn’t buy anything. It’s kind of an uncomfortable feeling. Anyway, hopefully we can avoid the mall until next year.

So, while we have avoided not buying anything, it’s forced us to be creative sometimes. The kitchen seems to be the place that we’re lacking the most.

We decided to make chicken parmesan for dinner one night. Great! We love chicken parm, it’s yummy, really not too difficult. However, we realized we apparently didn’t have everything a normal chicken parm-making kitchen should have.

Matt pounded out the chicken with an actual hammer. Because we don’t have a meat tenderizer. Or a rolling pin. And our two pans were being used for other things. All the google suggestions were not going to work! So, we broke out the tool box, washed the hammer, covered the chicken in plastic wrap and away he went.

A few minutes later we realized we didn’t have a pastry brush. I must admit that Matt was the one doing most of the cooking so I’m not even sure what he used instead.

At moments like this, I feel like we should just run out to the store and grab what we need. Why not? But I’m learning to embrace the awkwardness of improvisation and we’re working with it. The benefit is that we figured it out and it’s really not as big of a deal as we thought.

One thing I have looked for every time we go to the thrift store is a microwave bacon plate. I can never find one! Then my mom told me my sweet grandma found one at a church sale and is keeping it until I can get to Tucson. YAY! Now if only I could find stemless wine glasses up here without something Boeing inscribed on them. This has been much harder than I anticipated.

Anyway, that’s how it’s going. I’m working through the feelings of discomfort from these self-imposed boundaries. But I’m also celebrating the fun things we’re doing. And mostly appreciating the ridiculous¬†cooking struggles we have. Here’s our completed chicken parmesan. Remember I’m no food photographer… just proof that the chicken was flattened and it turned out to be delicious!



Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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