Marching On

K: We’re waving goodbye to March and hello to Spring! I’m very excited.

M: Too excited. It’s still not completely here darling, even though the fountain outside our apartment is on again.

K: Matt’s been working his new schedule for a little more than a month now. It’s so wonderful. He works Monday through Friday like a normal person! We’ve actually been planning things for the weekends.

M: It’s a weird transition.

K: Hiking has been on our list of things to do, but the weather is not cooperating with our schedules yet. Eventually we’ll get to go. We braved the insanity of the REI headquarters garage sale. Camping and hiking are at least on the horizon!

M: We finally got a tent and are ready for adventure!

K: We did go see the cherry blossoms at UW in the rain. There’s only a small window for seeing them so we took advantage of it! I’m excited because there are dozens of blooming trees on my way to work that I didn’t even know where there. One day everything was leafless and lifeless and the next day the valley was pink!


K: We suffered through the sleep-deprivation of Daylight Savings Time and now the sun is up until 7:30! YAY! That is, if we can see the sun.

K: We took our first trip to not-Tucson since we got back from Europe! We went to the San Juan Islands and stayed one night in this cute little cabin in the woods. It was nice to get away and see a different part of Washington. We spent lots of time reading and walking and just enjoying a break. We also used one of Matt’s soon-expiring comp days which was good.

M: Still have to use one more of those.

K: Oh, and I drove onto the ferry for the first time. It was good except for the anxiety that I might have to drive up a very steep ramp in my manual car. Luckily, we got waved to a flat area. Because I was fully prepared to roll down my window and beg 🙂

K: We went to a Gungor acoustic concert which was super great. I love the acoustic version of most songs. Like, really love. A lot.

K: I’ve discovered how old I am… One night, Matt came home, we ate dinner, we watched one show and I said “time for bed!” I brushed my teeth, got in bed to set my alarm and realized it was only 8:45! And then I stayed in bed and went to sleep. And it was glorious. I’m definitely an afternoon person. And actually, I’ve discovered how old we are. Matt didn’t even argue.

M: No need – sleep is an amazing thing.

K: GMA was featured in a newspaper, the Tacoma News Tribune. You can read the article here if you’re interested!

M: Kacey is doing some pretty amazing stuff over here in the PNW.

K: It’s mainly been life as usual. (For perspective… these events took up less than 40 hours of our month. The other stuff just isn’t quite as thrilling. Ha.) Thanks for reading along!



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