Buy Nothing Update: Shoes and Wine and Sun

Normally I like to have some kind of focus with these, but it’s just not happening this time. Here are some random updates…

Matt got news shoes. Brand new, in a box, from a first-hand store, new shoes. When looking at the old shoes, I think it was a justified decision. This man wears his shoes until his feet are directly on the ground. Starting with a used pair would’ve just meant buying another pair in a couples months. He’s also owned these old ones since early college so seems like it was a good time to move on.

I got stemless wine glasses! We went to the thrift store (for the millionth time) and there were 7! I got to pick the nicest ones and bring them home. Plus it was half-off-green-sticker day and, you guessed it, they had green stickers! 4 glasses for $3. Yay.

Here’s my stunning ability to poor a glass of wine now that I’m not using normal glasses:


(And yes, I did pour my wine and then measure 6 oz of water and pour that into another glass to prove exactly how spot on my skills are. Try not to be too impressed.)

We haven’t purchased anything else. It seems to be getting easier actually. It really does just seem to be about avoiding stores… and Amazon. If we can’t see it, we don’t feel that urge to purchase it.

We are going on vacation in May and I think a few purchases may be necessary, but they’ll all be experience-focused, so it was in the original plan. I did get sunscreen from work which is good because we didn’t own any now that we live here.

It’s a funny thing that we used to live in the most summer-y place ever and now I’m seriously wondering if I have a bathing suit that isn’t chlorine-stretchy. Clothes shopping is one of my least favorite things anyway, but bathing suit shopping is an entirely different level of torture. Crossing my fingers I don’t have to make a buy nothing allowance for something as unfortunate as a bathing suit.

Here’s to the next 33 days before vacation. 33 days until I fully understand how see-through Seattle has made me. 33. Days. Until. Sun.


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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