Comfort Food & Good Buns

One of my all-time favorite comfort foods (and favorite foods in general) is what my family calls pork tenderloins. This translates to a pork tenderloin that’s been prepared and served in the most special of ways.

Yesterday I was feeling sad and frustrated about a situation I have zero control over. I had already planned to make pork tenderloins and it just so happened that it was the perfect time to take my frustration out with the meat tenderizer (that I bought used a couple days ago). Yay! Plus at the end of it all, there was comfort food!

I love when little things work out like this. It’s my favorite.

Here’s the recipe (with commentary thrown in) just in case you need some comfort food and a chance to pound out some emotions.

What you’ll need:

  • Pork tenderloin
  • Saltines
  • Eggs
  • Vegetable oil
  • Hamburger buns
  • Pickles
  • Mayo
  • Salt & pepper

It’s pretty simple. My mom is obviously the boss at making these, but I’ve learned to get pretty close to her amazing-ness. This was mainly through observation, because really these are pretty darn easy.

Cut the majority of the fat off the tenderloin. Then cut it into small pieces (1-2″ wide) and pound each piece into a flat circle. Try to keep it in one piece (I struggle with this – too much energy?) and make a circle-ish shape. This is the part good for emotion-easing. I did end up with pork in my hair though… oops.

If you’re freezing it, throw it on some wax paper and bag it up. I now have 16 more sandwiches worth of meat just waiting for another comfort food day!

Mash up a whole bunch of saltines into very small pieces. Again, my mom is way better because she has a fancy tool. I just throw mine in the blender and then mash it with a spoon for good measure. Beat an egg or two and put the saltines and egg each in their own flattish, wide bowl. (The best part of this is that if you run out, you can make more of both without needing to measure anything. Crack another egg or crush more crackers. No need to waste or do complex math!)

Heat some vegetable oil in a pan and then dip the meat into the egg and saltines, coating it as much as possible. Fry it in the oil and salt and pepper both sides. Then put them on a plate with a paper towel – this is very important. These things are comfort food… this means grease.

If you’re like me, you should remove the oil from the heat while you’re dipping another piece to cook. If you don’t, you risk being too slow, burning some crackers in the oil and setting off the fire alarm 😀 Again, oops.

Finally, slap some mayo and pickles on a bun and eat up!

I’m ALWAYS buying off-brand things because I like saving money and rarely notice a difference. However, a few years ago, based on a conversation with my uncle, my family decided that life is too short to buy cheap buns. So while I got the meat on BOGO, the Saltines are really Kroger brand and the eggs came in a 24 pack from Costco, the buns were actually a real bread-focused brand and it really does make all the difference.

Eat up and appreciate the many glorious positives of what we call pork tenderloins. Now it’s time to put the dishes away.

P.S. If you know me, you know that absolutely none of this is a joke. This is the meal I used to request from my mom on my birthday. And basically anytime I get to pick and she’s cooking. Until recently, it seemed too sacred to cook and eat without my mama. Now I know I’m just honoring her amazing skills of providing me with delicious food that I love!

P.P.S. It’s my dad’s birthday! I wonder if he requested pork tenderloins? 🙂


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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