Spring has Sprung!

K: Hi people! It’s May! Woohoo! We’ve had a few more sunny days (even though we ended April by setting the record for the most rain since sometime in the 1800s) and I am incredibly happy about this. It’s crazy how attached I am to the sun… no joke, I nearly cried from happiness one morning when I woke up and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

K: We had a pretty calm April. We went on our first (and second) hike of the year. It rained during both hikes but at least it was finally warmer. Pictured is the dead mole we saw. Not interesting to anyone from Washington because they’re very common, but we Arizonans figured he was worth mourning for a moment.


M: Kace thought it was a baby possum. I quickly corrected her, but she didn’t believe me.

K: I finished out my time at the library in the English class. I very much enjoyed it, but I was ready to have those nights back each week.

K: I got the worst haircut I’ve ever had (even worse than when I chopped my hair off in high school). There are no pictures, but it was an actual mullet. Feathered in the front, waaay too much face-framing, awkward v-angled layers, bangs that start in the middle of my head… just nothing good about it. So I got it cut again. The second person I saw limply picked up pieces of my hair and said, “Yeah, this is bad.” It’s better now, but I lost all the length I had hoped for.

M: I didn’t think I could say anything at first, but I’m glad she got another haircut.

K: I saw a bald eagle sitting on a light pole on my way to work. That was cool. ‘Murica.

K: Matt’s schedule changed again! He works Sunday-Wednesday now. At least it’s still days.

M: Only 6 times so far. Hopefully I’ll hit every schedule by the time I’m done with Amazon.

K: That’s really it for this month. Thanks for reading along!



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