Buy Nothing Update: Stickers

Hi folks!

We’re home! Our vacation was so great! Previously, we had only vacationed to Europe and Tucson (although I’m not sure Tucson counts as a vacation – seeing everyone is so great but can be exhausting). We kind of do the extremes apparently.

In Europe, we couldn’t exactly buy a lot of souvenirs because of that whole backpack thing, so there was rarely even a question over that. In Tucson, we don’t want anything. Except for maybe some guac mix. Which, admittedly, we do buy in bulk and hoard in our pantry.

So, in the midst of trying not to buy anything new, we went on our first trip where it would make normal sense to seek out keepsakes and things to take home. We officially made an exception for these types of purchases when we set the rules, so I was interested to see how much I wanted to spend money in exchange for memories.

Turns out it wasn’t as tempting as I thought. I had one small moment over a pillow case that had a cool Hawaiian scene on it (including a super way awesome pineapple pattern). I thought about it and then I actually pictured it on our couch with our other stuff and it was easy to say no.


We did buy a couple of stickers to put on the Yakima box on my car. That’s a fun way to commemorate these things.

We also bought a UV shirt for Matt because a massive sunburn wouldn’t be such a fun way to commemorate these things. We got it at Costco for like $13 or something, so pretty reasonable considering the savings (less sunscreen, less burning, less aloe, less complaining).


We didn’t have to buy flippers like I thought we would! They had some at the place we stayed so that was a nice and unexpected savings. Also I could always find Matt in the water because he was bright orange and green!

Other than that, we spent money on our one activity – the helicopter ride. I don’t even question that though because it clearly falls in the memory-making section. Everything else was free: snorkeling, swimming, hiking, reading on the beach, swimming under waterfalls, chasing crabs, running in the rain, groaning about hiking, laughing at your husband, swimming away from big scary eels, squatting on the trails, oggling the size of the leaves, limping from back-of-the-knee sunburns, enjoying time away, etc.

The amount of shave ice we purchased was about equal to the cost of the car rental… 😀


Speaking of the car rental, we got to drive around in a brand new car… <300 miles! Our cars are 10 and 23 years old so that was quite the treat! Can you say back-up camera?!

Until the day we own a new-er car, here’s to making memories and my cute little car with a box full of stickers!


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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