May Summer Last Forever

K: May moved fast! I seriously couldn’t even believe June was already here. We spent the first week getting ready for vacation, working, packing and eating all the food in the fridge.

K: Then… Hawaii! You can read about that here. We got some sun and enjoyed time away from life.

K: We got home and did tons of laundry and caught back up to life. Not all that exciting.

K: One big highlight of May was going to a book signing for Rob Bell’s new book. It was fun to see how excited Matt got 🙂 Also, we saw the book in the top photo at the bookstore. We very much appreciated the humor.


M: So good. I forgot how much I like listening to him.

K: Matt’s been cooking some delicious food and I’ve been doing some amazing dishes. We consider ourselves a modern couple. Ha.

K: We got BOGO Chipotle one day because Matt commutes to work via bike (sometimes). Yeah!

K: The weather has finally changed up here! We had some actual warm days and we enjoyed every minute of it. We spent a day at the beach and I’ve been piping in cooler air from the hallway. It is a different experience to enjoy the heck out of the weather but not be able to retreat to an air-conditioned room. Still just happy it’s warm though.

K: That sums up our month! Lots of fun with lots of real life peppered in. Apparently we have very little to say about it.




Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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