Moving On

You guys, my day-to-day life is changing. And with change comes happiness and sadness.

I’m starting a new job! I love, love, love my volunteers at GMA, but it’s time for me to move on. Today was my last day working with them and it was making me reflect over the last year.

When we moved to Washington, these were some of the first people I met. We’d been to church but it was still early on. Matt was busy and I hadn’t made friends with the Amazonians yet. So I got my job at GMA and the volunteers welcomed me in.

They’re my adopted grandparents and aunts and uncles. These are the people that make sure my belly is full. They bring extra hats to the warehouse for me to wear when the temperature is below freezing. They check that I have somewhere to go for holidays. They make sure I’m warm in the dead of winter (at home, in the office, in the warehouse) and ask me if I’m doing okay in the 8th month of dreariness.

They recommend hikes and beautiful places to see. They sing oldies to me and confirm that I have cheese in every lunch (because it’s my favorite). I interpret their handwriting and we laugh at the odd things donated to GMA.

I ask about their grand-babies (and great grand-babies) and their gardens and their weekend plans. I know where lots of their families live and who’s going to a kindergarten play. We talk about what everyone’s eating for lunch and what the best popcorn maker is on Amazon. I’m the rent-a-kid available for technology help and they always have a great story about life before smart phones.

We celebrate the beginning of grandparenthood and make sure to sign birthday cards for everyone. I know who’s on vacation and where, and they know to ask about the sun in Hawaii. We google medical supplies that no one can recognize and chat over coffee and delicious donuts.

I got to walk into an established community. There were people available for all my PNW questions. I got to talk with them and enjoy their company. They appeared in my life at an opportune time.

I’m going to miss seeing them each week.


On the happier side of things, I’m starting a new job soon! I’ll be working at the Seattle Children’s Research Institute. It’s full-time and I can take the train the majority of the way (because I would simply never accept a job that required driving into and parking in Seattle). I’ll be working the front desk of one of the research buildings. I’m pretty excited to start something new!


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Kacey, What is the best popcorn popper on Amazon? Ours is about dead. We’ve had it for 30 years….they don’t make things like they used to, so we want to make sure we get a good one!


    1. We have an air popper bowl and I really like it! Maybe not what you’re looking for but that’s the best info I have 🙂


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