Buy Nothing Update: New Job!

I officially started a new job this week! I’m working as the receptionist at the Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute in downtown Seattle. Consequently, I have to wear nicer clothes compared with my past jobs which were either in warehouses or with kids.

As per the rules, I started in stores with used clothing. A few things to note: I needed the clothes within a couple weeks; Seattle has lots of weird styles going on; I am very short. This means shopping under a deadline, picking through many pieces I wouldn’t be caught dead in and desperately looking for used petites. All in all, not a good combo.

Matt and I each took in some clothes to Plato’s and got credit, which we promptly spent on a new-to-us t-shirt and pair of jeans. They didn’t have anything even moderately professional. I also browsed through two other stores with no luck.

Ultimately, I ended up buying clothes from regular old stores that wanted all my money. I have bags from three different stores with clothes that I thought would be good. I already owned dress pants, so I was mainly looking at shirts, jackets and skirts. So far (day 4), I haven’t had to remove the tags from anything! I’m making what I have work and seeing if I can piece together enough outfits from my closet. I’ve already worn the same shirt twice so I’m not sure how much longer I’ll make it before taking a tag off and giving in.

Even though I had to break the rules, I think I did it in the most responsible way I could’ve. I don’t want to buy and use things that I don’t love or that cost a ton of money. Every piece I take the tag off of will be something I really love and was reasonably priced. Everything else will go back to the store and I will keep trying.

As far as other purchases go… Matt apparently bought 3 used cookbooks today so he now understands there is an expectation that he will cook delicious meals every single day. We also got a wedding present for some friends of ours because, I mean, we’re not thaaaat cheap.

This month has helped me see how sometimes buying things is unavoidable and needs to be done sooner rather than later. This can put a strain on the shopping, the budgeting and just the general acquiring of new stuff. It makes me extra glad to own only the things I love and use! I would’ve avoided buying professional clothes until the day I retire if at all possible.

I’ll eventually report back on what I end up keeping after I’ve stretched the boundaries of my closet.

PS – I spend my lunch reading my magazine and trying not to think about the smell that’s barely contained in my old yucky flats. Hence, the picture.

PPS – This is totally unrelated but yesterday was the longest day of the year and the sun didn’t officially set until 9:11. And that means it got fully dark around 10:00. However, this has not stopped me from going to bed around 9:00 (after falling asleep on the couch around 8:30). New clothes/work can be exhausting!


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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