Another June in the Books

K: Hi hi! I feel pretty done commenting on how fast the months are going. It happens every single month and I’m never not surprised.

M: That’s why we are writing this post on July 1st.

K: I started the month by giving my two weeks. I wrapped up my time at GMA and then we took off for Tucson mid-month. Our time was spent eating all the food we miss and celebrating two dear people getting married. We saw Matt’s family and our people. It was incredibly way too hot for us. I may not be acclimated to the cold, but I’m definitely no longer acclimated to the heat.

K: We sat at the bus stop in the rain and 53 degrees. We stepped off the plane into 108 degrees. Because we’re crazy. And our friends are crazy for getting married this month πŸ™‚

M: Too crazy. I don’t think I can come to anymore weddings in Tucson during June/July. Just in case that was in any of my few remaining friends’ plans.

K: We enjoyed the pool and some watermelon eegees special-ordered by a person who knows our love language is food… Katelyn. Thanks, lady.

M: The three of us also finally got to return to our roots. Talking about psychology, philosophy and religion into the late night. I think I miss this most.

K: We left Sunday and the next Monday I started my new job. I really like it so far! The work itself is pretty straight forward, but there’s always someone new walking through the door so that keeps things different. I have a direct view to the street which means watching all the crazy antics of people on the street. I’ve also witnessed no less than 5 cars drive the wrong way down the one way road my building is on.

K: The impending arrival of both sets of parents was finally enough to prompt us to put up our pictures. We moved in on Christmas Eve and then 6 months later (to the day) we finally hung them up. Yay for being adults that are all the way moved in.

M: No more random boxes on our floor! Success!

K: It was one box tucked away into a corner.

K: Matt’s parents showed up first and we spent basically all of our free time eating or traveling to a place to eat. So much deliciousness.

K: Then, 3 days early, my parents made a surprise visit! Carmen (the van) was not doing so well so they limped their way up here earlier than expected. They slept on the couch for three nights until their Airbnb started. It was quite fun to have all the parents together… a little like being home.

K: I’m consistently glad we got the couch we did. Apparently visitors can arrive anytime!

K: We’re using the weekend to prep for our camping trip. We’re finally going to cross the northern border and head into Canada. YAY!

M: Camping! Yay!

K: June was a pretty darn happy month. Also I started July by paragliding. So that was pretty neat.


K: This was me after I signed my life away to the random man with a paraglider. Luckily, I get to enjoy the rest of July.


Post script:

K: Today (July 1) we hiked Poo Poo Point with all the parents. It’s two miles uphill with a 1750 ft elevation gain.

Chris: Poo Poo is the perfect name for this hike…

Darla: Tip for anyone who comes to visit Matt and Kacey: If they say we’re going for “a little hike,” don’t believe it. We were convinced an hour into this hike that they were trying to kill us to get their inheritance.

Mike: This hike is a 16.57% grade, which is like climbing stairs for 2 miles. Β It was good in a slightly masochistic way. At the top, a very tan man you’ve never met will ask you if you’d like to give him money to jump off with him attached to a flimsy sail / kite / parachute contraption. He’s counting on oxygen deprivation to cloud your otherwise common sense. Kacey said yes and flew down with him. The rest of us had to walk…

Paula: No comment. I’m still not talking to them. 😐



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