Christmas in July

K: You guys, I love July in Washington. It is the best. I have the same feelings that I do when it’s Christmas. We do more fun things and see more people and just seem to enjoy life more.

K: We started the month with both sets of parents visiting us on our home turf. It was just like Christmas! We did fun things and ate lots of food and acted like we didn’t have a care in the world. We even went on the underground tour in Seattle!

K: Then, we went camping in Canada! Holy moses, talk about beauty. I like oggling at majestic and wonderful things… Canada gave me that option time and again. I feel nostalgic about our time there like I feel nostalgic for the holidays.

K: My new job has been going well. I’ve learned the basics and now it’s just a matter of learning all the teams, floors and who to call when. It’s a lot of info, but I love getting to meet interesting people and hear about their work. I recently met a doctor that’s working on the zika vaccine with the CDC. Also I read 3-5 books a week while commuting… I love it!

K: My job also provides amazing people watching. In 5 weeks I’ve seen multiple people drive down the one way road the wrong way, multiple people throw punches at random people on the sidewalk and talked with multiple wandered-in-off-the-streets people about topics that only made sense in their mind.

M: For my job I was sent on a special project to Chattanooga for a week and then I realized how thankful I am that we were placed in Seattle.

K: Matt and I went to a baseball game in Tacoma (the minor league that feeds into the Mariners). That was with my GMA volunteers whom I miss so much! I also went to a Mariners game with some church people and watched some home run hits – although the Mariners ultimately lost. I’m quite certain I’m bad luck.

K: We’re still sticking with our beer group and have been to more than 50 breweries in the area! One evening we went to beer, ice cream and then a concert by a band that frequently plays at church. We’re so glad to have found this community. This is a picture of us enjoying our ice cream that we waited 30 minutes for:


K: The Amazon picnic was this month and I gorged on all the free food. People, there were unlimited dip ‘n dots! It was so great. This is what I ate, although I won’t admit to which items I had more than one of:


K: We went to a beautiful lake (slightly unprepared) so the plan is to go back next weekend and try again. We’ll swim and float and eat yummy picnic food in the warm weather.

K: Apparently Christmas in July meant breaking all the buy nothing rules… more to come on that.

M: Mainly my fault. Really all my fault.

K: There’s something so great about summer here. I feel more alive and more excited about everything than I do in the dead of winter. Something about the darkness is just not happy. So far, we’re close to breaking a record of the longest time without rain! I hope we break it by more than a week. That’d be the best.

K: Thanks for reading along! If you want me to talk endlessly about how great summer is and how great I feel, give me a call 🙂


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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