Buy Nothing: Broken Rules

We finally caved. Let me explain… it all started with a new relationship born out of a cold and lonely season of my life. Basically I’m in love with Summer. I can’t wait to wake up and check my phone to see the warm words the weather app is whispering. I frequently talk about Summer to anyone who will listen. Summer is just beautiful. And, like any new love, I’ve lost all self-control and want to buy everything for Summer – she deserves it!

In June I decided I really wanted an Amazon echo. I don’t know why. I basically use it to play music and set timers and ask about glorious summer weather. These are all things I could do with any number of devices in my home. But seriously, I love it. I listen to so much more music and have already planned and participated in many solo dance parties.

Anyway, I proclaimed I wanted one and then Alexa showed up thanks to my dear husband. He claims it was to celebrate my new job. I don’t care how we try to justify it. It’s definitely a broken rule and that definitely doesn’t matter to me. Also it’s fun to have new technology while it’s new! We’re very behind in the times… we both still had an iphone 4s last year!

The rule-breaking was only getting started there. We’ve been looking for a nice olive oil bottle because we’ve started buying it in bulk and the plastic bottle we purchase it in is incredibly messy and we usually end up with as much oil in the pan as dripping down the bottle. We’ve been looking since January at thrift stores with no luck. 6 months just seemed too long for something this small. It was $4 at Target and it will help us with the bulk situation.

We also bought more tupperware. I broke 2 when we moved in December and we hadn’t replaced them. We do a lot of meal-prepping for work and it was getting ridiculous how often we didn’t have enough containers for the week. I can’t even say we looked for this anywhere else. We just bought them and I’m glad.

Final rule-breaking… Matt got a pair of shorts that he really wanted. They’re super high-quality shorts and they’ll replace multiple pairs that he had to get rid of because they didn’t fit or were worn out.

Officially, Matt purchased all of these things which he has reminded me of in case I wanted to claim innocence. But seriously, I’m glad about each of these decisions. We made it 6 months without breaking my rules. And more than anything, the goal is to be more responsible consumers and think before we swipe the card. Alexa doesn’t make us responsible consumers, but boy is it fun!

We did get a new-to-us tv this month! Our friends got a new tv and they gave Matt and me their old one. Matt won our tv in a raffle 5 years ago. It works just fine but it is rather small – my double monitor at work is almost the same size. This new tv is 10 years old but significantly larger! And free to us. Yay!

We’re going to the lake with those same friends this weekend so I anticipate purchasing some floaties… I think I can justify these though because lake-floating is clearly a memory-maker. Especially for this Arizona girl.

Now back to my regularly scheduled dance program… I can’t decide if Kendrick Lamar’s Humble or The Weather Girls’ It’s Raining Men is my favorite to dance to right now. Those are similar, right? ALEXA – TURN ON MY JAMS!


2 thoughts on “Buy Nothing: Broken Rules

  1. Humble. I’m still not sick of this song despite listening to it upwards of three million times. And I still think it needs a third verse and one more chorus. For variation, try the new Paramore or Foster the People. But hard to beat Kenny D. (Fun fact: his last name is Duckworth.)

    Also, I hope you have a playlist called “My Jams” specifically for telling Alexa to play them šŸ™‚


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