August in Review

K: August was another doozy of summer weather! Because of fires in Canada, it was incredibly smokey and hot here. Even for this Tucsonan, it was unbelievably hot. There’s something to be said for air conditioning and that dry heat thing.

M: It sucks so much.

K: This is how the sky looked for quite a few days.


K: August mainly included work, work, chores, cooking and introvert-y things. I’ve started a new schedule where I read my magazine on the way to work, read my book at lunch and listen to a podcast on the way home. I’m reading less but getting more variety which is nice.

M: So as always she can keep me up to date on my news.

K: Because Matt is moving to a new position, he was able to get home earlier than usual for most of August.

M: New position at our R&D facility. More robots, easier hours.

K: This means he did lots of cooking which was so great. We ate the most delicious chicken ever. We also had yummy avocado potato cake things which I very much enjoyed.

M: I love cooking! So much yumminess to eat out there.


K: We went to Rainier one Saturday and did a very beautiful hike. There were so many wildflowers and weird orange mushrooms (maybe?). We also actually went to one of the visitor centers and I got a stamp in my book even though we’ve been there multiple times. Yay!



K: Northwest Trek is another place we spent a Saturday. It’s about an hour south of us and it’s a protected space for a few different animal groups including bison and mountain goats. It was so fun! We happened to be there exactly when a snake was getting fed… it was incredibly exciting to say the least.

M: Mice are not the typical foods I am cooking at home though.



K: I really feel like we made the most of the beautiful summer weather. I’m sure it’ll turn at any point and then we’ll just have to adjust how we enjoy all the great stuff in our area. Even though I’m most definitely not ready for winter, I am excited to see the leaves change and enjoy some more fall activities. Also dressing for work in the fall will be so much easier! Happy September!


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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