Embracing Fall

K: As per the usual, I must begin my monthly reflection with comments on the weather. The first weekend of September was crazy warm! I was lulled into a sense of security and then, just Friday, we had a funeral for Summer. The romance is over.

M: It’s still nice out, you drama queen.

K: I’m not a PSL-lover (or even liker), but I guess I can get behind the fall excitement for a bit. We broke out the rain jackets and I’ve accepted that I’ll walk to the train in the dark every morning for the next 8 months.

K: Anyway, the beginning of the month brought our dear friend Robin!

M: Yay!

K: We did some touristy stuff (like Snoqualmie Falls and numerous delicious food stops) and spent lots of time talking and catching up. When we were in small group together, Matt and I would usually stay late and just hang out with Robin. We so miss that! Needless to say, it was a great time together.


K: The day Robin left, Matt started his new position at the experimental warehouse. It’s about a 15 minute drive and it’s against normal traffic so not bad at all!

M: R&D warehouse. Codenamed Warehouse 51 (get it?).

K: Even though he had already started at the other warehouse, I finally got to tour BFI4! It’s a big deal to be a non-amazonian and be allowed in the building.

K: I did some picking and got to watch the robots do their thing. I found it very entertaining and probably could’ve watched and enjoyed my cotton candy for quite some time.

M: She could be a mid-tier associate..

K: Quick buy nothing update… We’re buying things. Besides what I’ve already ‘fessed up to, we haven’t purchased anything other than clothes. I thought we were solid in our wardrobes, but more jeans for Matt and work clothes for me have joined the closet. We’re still carefully considering before we buy, but I’m not sure I can call what we’re doing “buy nothing” anymore.

M: I did just buy a textbook for my job as well.

K: We went to the banquet for my last job (GMA). As usual, it was so great to see all the volunteers and catch up with them. Also it’s always delicious food. Matt cleaned his plate very quickly and the waitstaff actually laughed at him. It was great.

M: She made me wait for like 3 hours to eat!

K: I’m excited for this next season when Matt has normalish hours and we can actually do fun things together. It’s gonna be great! Also gives more reason to actually cook, as seen in the top picture. If nothing else, fall colors are being embraced.

K: We had a great start to October! That’s why this is late. But more on that next month. Adios!


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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