October Spectacular

K: October started out in the happiest place on earth. We surprised Darla (Matt’s mom) for her 50th birthday, along with the rest of the family. We rode all the best rides and spent one day in each park. It was so great to be with the whole family… a rare thing these days!

M: So much fun! I miss all those crazy people.

K: As is normal with the Andreacolas, we ate lots of delicious food between the fast, jerky rides. We had contests to see who would get soaked on the rides – Darla and I historically have wet clothes for hours and this trip was no different.

M: I think I won in the end on Splash Mountain

K: Matt and I ate in n out because there’s basically a law in our world that says we must if we’re anywhere close.

M: There is. It’s called Matt’s Meat Law – Anytime you are near delicious meat man-wiches they must be consumed.

K: We also started our weekend at Knott’s Berry Farm while we waited for everyone else to drive in.

M: New reminder – go on the sketchy ride first and possibly 3 or 4 times after that.

K: It was a great trip and lots of fun to see 10 months of planning finally come together.

M: Nice job Dad!

K: Shortly after we got back, it was Matt’s birthday. We went and saw Blade Runner and he took Sunday of that weekend off so he could hang out with his super cool wife, go to church and go to beer. Not my birthday, but it seems like it was a good one šŸ™‚

M: Most important part of that weekend. Blade. Runner. I saw Blade Runner. Day 2.

K: My work has been pretty busy and I had a big project launch this month that went well! Yay!

K: With the weather turning, it seems like I’ve been getting a lot more reading done, including the following recommendations: Salvage the Bones, Daring Greatly, How Cycling Can Save the World and Ken Follet’s new book, A Column of Fire.

M: And I have a stack I am falling desperately behind on.

K: We’ve also been trying out some new fall recipes… Matt made chicken chow mein and I made cheddar bacon beer soup. YUM!

M: Much yum.

K: I’m on a committee at work that plans a lot of the parties. (I secretly call it the party planning committee in my head, but they frown on that because, in all fairness, they really do a lot of other things.) I was involved in the Halloween party and my job was the photo booth. This is me and my friends that work at the front desk:


K: Matt and I had the traditional chili and cornbread for Halloween and facetimed with our Tucson people. Overall, it was a pretty great month. And, I know this is jumping into November, but it snowed today! WHAT IN THE HECK?! That is all.


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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