December Extravaganza

K: Man, I gotta say that writing once a month sure is easier than trying to remember what happened 2 full months ago! I tried to figure it out by looking at pictures in my phone, but really all I have are recipes. So let’s just say November was spent cooking and doing all the other normal life things.

M: Too long ago. Everything is forgotten. We probably just stayed inside as it continued to get colder and colder.

K: Just remembered a November thing… Thanksgiving! Our same friends from last year had us over again this year.

M: Thanks Kurt and Laura!

K: So great to be with people and also not have to do any major cooking. We played Dutch Blitz, also known as nerts, nertz, peanuts, etc. We ate the most delicious chocolate, pumpkin, whiskey cheesecake thing. We (some people) watched football. Overall it was a good day! We did not participate in any Black Friday shopping. Also a good day.

M: I’m stuck in a weird place where I find myself happier when people go Black Friday shopping in stores and not on Amazon. But it’s still a waste of money so never mind. DON’T DO IT!

K: On to the next month… December! One of my favorite months of the year. We started December off with cutting down our own Christmas tree! Oh what fun. We trudged through the rain and the mud to find our perfect Charlie Brown tree. I chopped that sucker down while Matt made sure it didn’t fall on me. We tucked it into my car and took it home. Our apartment was crowded for a month, but I loved it!

M: You heard that right. Tucked INTO her small car, and the tree was still a decent size.

K: Shortly after that, it was my birthday! Matt and I went to my favorite BBQ place and that made me very happy. The end.

M: Yum!

K: We checked out the Christmas lights at the Bellevue Botanical Gardens. It was pretty, but I think once will be enough. Of course we participated in eating all the most delicious sweets we could – people love dropping off food at the front desk! I came home with boxes and bags full of every kind of imaginable deliciousness possible.

M: Too many sweetssss.

K: We saw Star Wars on opening weekend at a 21+ theater. Even if you only partake in popcorn, it’s amazing because there are no children!

M: I liked it a lot. Sorry nerds.

K: On Christmas Eve, we went out to dinner at Din Tai Fung with some of our beer people. It was very delicious and we are trying to resist going there every day for dumplings and passion fruit slushies. Bad news is that I can easily walk there from work, so we’ll see how long the resistance holds.

K: During our dinner and throughout the rest of the night and into Christmas day, it snowed!!! We had a white Christmas and it was wonderful.

K: Both of our families have historically opened gifts on Christmas Eve, so we followed suit. While Matt and I didn’t get each other anything, we did have some stuff from family, including a super sharp fancy knife to go with a new cookbook – good news is I’ve only cut myself once and it’s already been 2 whole weeks. Go me!

M: See Robin, I knew I’d survive longer.

K: We woke up Christmas morning and had pancakes. Last Christmas was our first one away from home and we spent it moving out of the moldy apartment. The only thing we did that weekend was pack, move, unpack and eat pancakes. So we decided to try to never do those first three things on Christmas again, but stuck with the pancakes.

K: We talked with Matt’s family (that was awake), went for a walk, threw some snowballs and talked my family. Then our previously mentioned fantastic friends had us over to their parents’ house for Christmas dinner. Again, can’t emphasize enough how nice it is to be invited to holiday celebrations.

M: Thanks Kurt and Laura (again)!

K: Matt and I both took Tuesday off and spent the day doing whatever we wanted! Which I think was mainly reading and watching TV and putting things away.

K: We both worked the rest of the week and then celebrated the New Year! Again, with the beer people. We like those guys. We played a super fun game called Code Names and drank old beer our friends have been cellaring? for years. It was lots of fun and a great way to end 2017 and begin 2018.

K: I must say, 2017 was a darn good year. I have Matt back on a normal schedule…

M: Took long enough.

K: …and we live in a clean/healthy apartment and we started new jobs/positions and we actually met some goals we set for ourselves in 2016. I’m hopeful for what 2018 has to offer. Cheers!



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