Jantastic New Year!

M: On our flight through our stop in Las Vegas on the way to Tucson, Kacey has requested that I write the monthly blog post for January. My hope is she finds my writing on my new blog to be good enough to step into her shoes here on Sunday Cereal. In reality, I brought my computer on the plane – she did not.

K: My “laptop” is 17” … doesn’t exactly fit in any bag I carry. In real real reality, I’m lazy and want to read my magazine.

M: January started with another newly engaged tradition, one we had never had as “younger-lings”; disposing of the pagan Christmas tree. Luckily for us, our apartment has a trash-the-tree service for lazy people who don’t have the time or experience to chop their own wood. We took all Kacey’s ornaments off and dragged the sucker down with only limited vacuuming afterward.

K: I did hold on to a little Christmas plant thingy for a few more weeks.

M: We decided on our “words” for the year. Mine is health. So I’ve been working out pretty consistently and getting ready to make some small adjustments to my diet as a start. I’ll let Kacey explain her word.

K: My word is enough. It’s a reminder to me that I have enough and my life is enough, even though we want to change things like where we live. Also, I am enough for me and anyone who loves me.

M: Like me.

M: The annual Andreacola calendar was then placed on the fridge with key dates for the year: our planned Yellowstone trip, some upcoming weddings (as usual at our age), the day Black Panther comes out, Avengers, Solo, Ant Man and the Wasp, and a few others.

K: The movies were on the calendar before the weddings… sorry friends.

M: At my R&D facility I had the opportunity to cover one of our Project Managers for the month as he took parental leave. Hey Kacey, that sounds like a potential free 6-week vacation, what do you think?

K: I think no.

M: Anyway, I learned a lot and didn’t completely screw anything up, so success!

M: About 5 hours after we put up our calendar, Kacey started freaking out about our lack of plans to visit Tucson this year. Maybe Christmas we said. Eventually, I started checking flights every other day and as you already know we were able to find a cheap set of tickets to head down today! I’m very excited to see.. In-N-Out again. I missed In-N-Out.

K: I’m very excited to see the sun. Just hoping I don’t burn to a crisp when I step outside tomorrow morning.

M: Back to January. Kacey had the opportunity to stare at my worried face for about 6 hours as we ate cheesesteaks and watched Philly make their way to the Super Bowl. A T-shirt was promptly bought, and cousginsidentally

K: That’s how the computer auto-corrected Matt’s attempt at spelling “coincidentally” hahaha

M: Anyway, and coincidentally we will get to watch them play this weekend with family and friends that appreciate sports enough to root for my team (we didn’t even realize the date of the game until after the playoffs).

K: And after we had already bought the tickets to Tucson.

M: Amazon had another party, so as the free loaders we are, of course we attended. I don’t work for this crazy company for nothing! Lorde was there. Not “our Lord” as my coworker aptly put it. Lorde is an incredible songwriter who continually makes me doubt my life choices, being that she is as old as my younger brother.

M: We also spent a lot of time with the people we love: our beer group, Andreacolas coming to visit, Kyle and Lauren and brother

K: Seth

M: Thomas, my Amazon people. All sorts of fun shenanigans have been had to start off the year.

M: Well the first leg of our flight is almost over and I have some other writing to do. So for now, adios. Hope to talk to many of you this week in Tucson.

K: The nice lady on the aisle gave us her snacks. I love snacks.



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