February Fun

K: We started off February with a trip to Tucson! We hadn’t been since June of last year, and that was a super short trip. This time, we got to see almost all of our family and the sun was out and it was warm every single day! We ate at all the food places we could and watched the Eagles win the Super Bowl. The Andreacola family was very happy about that.

M: Very very happy. Finally!.. to both being in Tucson and the SuperBowl.


M: Wait, you didn’t mention the house we are looking at in Tucson.

K: It seems like as soon as we were home, it was time for the Olympics. As usual, I obsessively watched every single minute that I could. I freakin’ love watching everything. We even watched the curling team win gold!

K: It snowed multiple times in February. And by snow I really mean snow coming down, sticking and creating an ice-rink out of the sidewalks. I could’ve been in the Olympics with the way I was gliding along on my way to work.


M: Snow is also awful to drive on, I slid around more than Kacey likes to hear.

K: February marked 7 years of Matt and I being together – good news, we still like each other.

K: Other random parts of our month… We opened a Starbursts package and both candies were pink. That was nice. Didn’t have to decide if I was going to be sacrificial and eat the orange or yellow one 🙂

K: Our smoke detector started chirping at night, because obviously that’s the only appropriate time for that horrible noise to begin. We have pretty high ceilings in our apartment, so the stool was not enough. I ended up dragging the dining room table across the apartment and standing on that. That was fun.

K: Matt was working nights that week (covering for someone else) so he had to do the same thing the next morning. I promise the table has been well washed since then.

K: Speaking of working nights, this one week of Matt working nights was so sucky! I’d forgotten how much I didn’t like that. Glad it’s not that way all the time anymore.

M: Yeah nights suck. If they put me on it again I’ll probably need to quit.

K: I’ve started on some puzzling again. This puzzle made me very excited for our upcoming road trips!


K: I also got pho to go (this does not rhyme – read pho as “fuh”) and didn’t realize how large of a bowl I would need at home… a mixing bowl did the job.


K: Today is kind of sunny and we’re looking forward to what is hopefully some spring weather! It’s about that time where I start encouraging everyone to come visit 🙂 Thanks for keeping up with us!


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