March Madness 2018

K: March in Washington started out with some beautiful weather! We finally made it into the 60s so we went on our first hike of the season.

K: I picked where we were going to hike and did the leading through the various trails and forks in the path. Naturally, I led us back to the WRONG parking lot. So just as I was winding down and felt like I had exerted myself the perfect amount, we had to hike straight up a hill and walk the road for a bit to get back to our car.

M: She thought she could get away with a short hike, but the universe had other plans!

K: During this uphill climb, a bug flew straight in my mouth and got stuck on the back of my throat. Needless to say, it was quite the introduction to our 2018 hiking season.

K: I started a giant puzzle – 3000 pieces, 3’x4′ – on what little floor space we have available.

M: Very little. My favorite chair was pushed to the side like a red-headed orphan.

K: We went to a bouldering gym with some friends. It was quite fun but also very exhausting! This was followed by them introducing us to a delicious Italian restaurant that had the most delicious cake ever! Neither of us even like cake very much and we never buy dessert out, but oh my goodness. It was heavenly.

K: After that, our month got very interesting. Matt came home from work on a Monday and didn’t feel well. He had the flu Monday-Thursday but the fever broke and everything seemed to be getting better. He got a cough on Thursday and we just assumed it was the tail end of the flu symptoms. In the middle of the night on Saturday, his (dry) cough was still pretty bad, so I made an urgent care appointment for first thing Sunday morning, hoping we could get some strong cough syrup or something.

K: The urgent care nurse did all the regular vitals and was convinced the pulse oximeter (the doodad that goes on your finger) wasn’t working because Matt’s oxygen was so low. He got a breathing treatment and a ride in an ambulance straight to the ER. Go us! Apparently he developed very bad pneumonia in both lungs.

K: Matt got to spend a luxurious night in the hospital and was discharged the next evening after lots of antibiotics and oxygen.

M: I almost died guys. Be happy you still get to read things like this from me.



K: At that point, our month got very uninteresting. I used Matt as an excuse to be incredibly “restful” since he was on strict orders to take it easy. We watched Wild, Wild Country on Netflix – I highly recommend it. We also watched a whole bunch of other tv and I finished my giant puzzle in a record 2 weeks (minus the 48 hours of illness/hospital time).


M: I mainly watched Bob’s Burgers, a show Kacey is violently opposed to. So much so, she will not laugh at any of the jokes. Pure insanity right there.

K: #MarchSadness is all I have to say about the NCAA version of March Madness.

K: I did our taxes and only had to call my mom once for half an hour to ask all my questions and complain about taxes in general. Yay me!

K: The weather was only nice for about 3 days, and since then we’ve had snow, hail, rain and all the other cold/anti-spring stuff. I’m hoping spring is ready to join us in April.

K: Here’s to health and another month of unpredictable fun!

M: Wasn’t health my word for the year? Oh how nature has turned against me.


One thought on “March Madness 2018

  1. So glad all these setbacks had happy endings. Can’t imagine assembling a 3000 piece picture puzzle. Just can’t imagine it. You are one smart little lady, Kacey. I hope Matt is feeling back to normal after a pretty scary situation. Pneumonia is nothing to be taken lightly. Keep having fun, you two, and stay healthy.


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