April Showers

K: Since we live in a beautiful green place like Washington, we don’t have to wait on the May flowers… they arrive in April! Cherry blossoms and lilacs and all the smelly good stuff. The top picture is of the lilacs currently gracing my desk at work – fresh cut from someone’s garden!

K: Besides the flowers, April was much like March. We decided to take the end of March pretty easy while we let Mr. Pneumonia heal. Then, about 2 weeks in, I started coughing and running a fever. Our first urgent care trip was unsuccessful because they didn’t believe I had pneumonia since it wasn’t showing up on a chest x-ray. 4 days later, urgent care trip #2 got me some antibiotics.

K: I ended up taking a full 6 days off work – almost as many as Matt! As I’ve reminded Matt many times (and anyone else that will listen), he got all the direct deposit drugs and round-the-clock care during his luxurious stay at the hospital. I had to wait for the daily pills to do their thing and still have a bit of a cough.

M: She, however, got the luxury of a stay-at-home chef and maid.

K: Needless to say, we’ve had a darn slow two months (which leads to very little to write about).

K: I read a lot of books. Paid a lot medical bills and looked over a lot of explanations of how our insurance is (or isn’t) kicking in. Fun. Does make me very grateful for good insurance.

K: We went and saw the Avengers. I’ll leave any other explanation to the true fan.

M: I’ve seen it twice now. Oh baby it’s good. Don’t want to say anything more in case I spoil something.

K: Ultimately, it was another slow, draining month. I’m hoping for a more upbeat May! We did have phenomenal weather for one week but it could only really be enjoyed through the windows while we toiled away at work.

M: Time to start weekend trips!

K: I’ll leave you with this gem:


K: Matt is working nights for a week but we still wanted to get in a call with the parental unit. I’m so glad for video calls that can include more than 2 people!

K: Until next month!

May you be well. May you be happy. May you find peace.


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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