Andreacolas Invade Boston

We went to Boston! Katelyn recently moved there and we decided we had to take advantage of a free place to stay and the chance to see her!


We got in Saturday at midnight (Boston time) so just ubered straight to her place, minus the driver missing our exit and taking the long way around.

Sunday morning we had delicious breakfast at The Grasshopper Cafe and then worked off all the calories plus some by walking up the Bunker Hill Monument. It may have been chilly outside but I was sweating at the top! We walked the end of the Freedom Trail to see the USS Constitution and then headed to beerworks for a mid-afternoon break.



I got a blueberry beer because when you’re close to Maine, gotta take advantage of it! Also very stringy mozzarella sticks.


After fueling up, we went to the Science Museum. So fun! There are lots of interactive parts and the dumbed-down version of how things work is exactly what keeps me entertained.

Dinner was at a Mexican restaurant called Lolita. They provide a grapefruit palette cleanser and cotton candy at the end! The food was delicious! We went back to Katelyn’s and played cribbage and nines – it was just like our Nelson/Flanigan vacations we went on as kids.


Because when you’re a tourist, you can put on the free tattoos.

Brian met us on Memorial Day for another day of tourism! We started with breakfast at Sonsie’s – again, delicious. Newbury street is one of the fancy shopping places in Boston, so we walked around a bit after breakfast. My jacket had a rip in it and I was able to get it repaired while we looked around. Yay!

We walked through Berklee, MIT and Harvard. Katelyn told us the Smoot story and gave us lots of Boston tidbits!

National Lampoon (Old) Office

Naturally, it was time for more food so we got snacks and then went to Harpoon Brewery for more snacks and also some beer. This is a very popular brewery in Boston – the pretzels were super delicious!

We went to Lawn on D (a fancy lawn on D Street). We had to impatiently wait for the children to vacate a swing so we could swing! It was chilly weather but still plenty of fun! We also played some intense ping pong. We walked along the water to dinner at the Barking Crab. I had a lobster roll which I very much enjoyed.

That evening we played hand and foot thanks to having Brian there to be the 4th person. Brian and I lost miserably…

Tuesday morning Katelyn had to go back to work so Matt and I began a long day of walking (11.5+ miles). We started the day with the best breakfast sandwiches ever! We saw the rest of the Freedom Trail (Boston Common, churches, graveyards, Paul Revere’s house, etc.).

We met Katelyn for lunch at Quincy Market (just steps from her building) and got to see her cube. In the market, a lady behind a counter just kept saying “What do you want?” in her thick Boston accent. It was so very East Coast.

We finished the trail and then went to the Boston library for some relief from the sun. We decided to take it easy the rest of the afternoon so naturally we walked another mile to get ice cream. We went to the less fancy shopping area and roamed around Primark until it was time to meet Katelyn.

Dinner was in the North End so we strolled that way. Our table was at the very front of the restaurant right by the open windows. After we sat down, the hostess came over and told Matt they had a no-hat policy. So instead Matt sat with his crazy hair in full view of anyone that thought they might want to dine at this verrrrry fancy place 🙂 Our food was delicious and the meatballs tasted just like Chris’ (Matt’s dad who cooks Italian food).


We went to a park on the river and found more swings! After letting the last bit of food settle, we went to a local Italian bakery so Matt could get a cannoli. That evening we walked to this house and through the neighborhood that the senators live in – very fancy!

Wednesday morning Katelyn went to work again (boo!) and Matt and I had a slow start to the day. We dropped our bags off at Katelyn’s building and then went to get ourselves some Dunkin’ Donuts. Now, I’m not saying they’re super great donuts or anything, but when they’re on every corner and donuts cost 2x as much in Seattle, we definitely needed some.

Coffee and donuts were consumed in the Common and then we went to the garden with the Swan boat rides. Naturally, we did the most touristy thing ever and took a ride. We did see an actual swan from the swan boat, so there’s that.

We rode the T out to another neighborhood to get the best pizza around. We took that back to around Katelyn’s work and enjoyed the beautiful weather – also got a sunburn. After lunch we enjoyed the pop-up patio seating and then did more walking! We went back to the North End and got some gelato and then just wandered through some shops and markets. Have I mentioned that traveling with Andreacolas means eating all the food?

Katelyn rode the T with us back to the airport and we stood outside security for as long as possible. I’m so happy she moved to Boston and fulfilled a dream, but boy does it make it harder to see her when we’re in Tucson. We didn’t make it to a game at Fenway so that’s obviously going to need to happen at some point…


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