K: May was so full! We were obviously making up for the slow start we got to spring.

K: It started with some darn good weather and a Rob Bell show (The Holy Shift Tour) with our beer friends.


M: And holy shi(f)t it was good.

K: We went up to the UW campus for dinner prior to the show and saw this most adorable duck dock. I also saw a whole family of ducks when I was walking to the train for work. They walked into a busy intersection and terrified the heck out of me! Luckily mom turned around before I spent the morning crying in the street instead of going to work.



K: One of our Costcos has this cool thing at the gas station… no more excuses for not moving up!


K: Matt and our beer friends ran a team relay 50k the first Sunday in May. Our friend Jon made us shirts to wear while we cheered on the runners. Laura and I were team Moms, because someone needed to supply the music, beer and donuts and we obviously couldn’t do that and run.


K: Matt decided to do a sprint triathlon so I’ll let him talk about that.

M: The 50k relay inspired me and I’ve always wanted to do one. Now, I’m running, biking and swimming way too much, but loving every minute of it. Super excited for the triathlon, but probably not too prepared for the open water swim in the lake. I still have 3 months to work up to it though, so crossing my fingers I don’t die.

K: There’s a park up the hill from us where we can boulder for free! We went a couple times in May and met our friends Lauren and Kyle. We also played light-up bocce ball with them. It was super fun and I’m convinced we need to buy our own set now.



K: Our 3rd anniversary was this month. We celebrated with some Italian food and, of course, frozen yogurt – gotta keep up this oh-so-easy tradition! Matt got me this beautiful plant that requires very little care 😀



K: We lucked out one Sunday and beer was pretty close to our place… we rode our bikes and I got to enjoy a cold one upon arrival, making it all the more tasty. Matt had an iced tea that was also delicious. On our ride we saw 2 garden snakes, 1.84 million bunnies, multiple geese (babies and mean adults) and a cat.


M: Kacey tried to run down a goose but it would not move out of the road and so she almost crashed. Pretty fun to watch.

K: Someone at work (who really loves baseball and has fantabulous seats) gave me and Matt tickets to a Mariners game. It was a beautiful night and the team actually scored! We’ve been to a game where no one scored the whole time! We ate way too much delicious food, including the famous garlic fries.

K: We finally made it to the zoo this month. The weather was cool enough that the animals were all pretty active. In fact, the orangutans were getting a little too active and we ended up having the whole viewing space to ourselves as the parents frantically cleared out their kids to avoid having the birds and the bees conversation. We also happened to be at the bear enclosure when the zookeepers were feeding them – that was super cool!

K: In the world of jobs… I got a new position at Seattle Children’s. I’ll be supporting the Center Director of the Clinical Research department. I’m super excited to learn some new stuff and have a chance to learn a bit more about the actual hands-on care.

K: Full disclosure – we’ve known about Amazon Tucson for some time now (since the rumors started) but definitely couldn’t say anything. We don’t know an exact date, but the plan is for Matt to get on the launch team. Further processing of this won’t occur until closer to this time next year; for now, we will enjoy the heck out of our time here!

M: Which again means if anyone needs an excuse to visit Seattle now is the time. We have Brian Sorenson out this week so he will be able to vouch for the Affordable Seattle Sites & Food Andreacola-led Tour or ASSFAT.

K: We finished out the month in Boston visiting our dear friend Katelyn. I have lots of things I want to say about that, so you can read another post if you’re interested.

K: Thanks for keeping up with the Andreacolas!


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