June Fun

K: Keeping it short and sweet this month because it took me about 10 minutes to come up with just this sentence.

M: Kind of how this month felt in general.

K: I started my new position the first week of June and I love it! I feel engaged in my work and it’s easier to be connected to the mission of Children’s.

M: Yay! Wait, I didn’t agree on a mission for children..

K: Matt started a new schedule where he’s basically bridging the night and day shift so he’s in at 5:30am and out early afternoon.

M: I’ve found myself to be much more productive in the mornings with no one around, but I need to make sure I start leaving on time, otherwise it will be more 12 hour days for me.

K: Our month also started with a visit from Brian Sorensen. We went to the market, did the underground tour and enjoyed some of our favorite food. Any excuse to eat!

M: We loved it! Thanks for being our first guest of 2018!

K: We’ve been trying to get the most out of our weekends. We went to Whidbey Island and did a coastal hike and ate delicious tacos.

M: We need to get everything done soon, only 11 months till moving time.

K: Our parents are all busy people, but we insist on talking to them as often as we can nail them down – below are some entertaining moments. Facetime-ception.

The Andreacolas (Matt’s parents in Arizona) talking to the Nelsons (Kacey’s parents in Arizona) via facetime on two devices with us (in Washington).

K: Matt’s Amazon had a team event and we went to Flatstick Pub. It’s inside (very difficult) mini-golf with a bar that serves locally-brewed beers. So fun!

M: And I beat everyone! Ha!

K: Triathlon training is taking up lots of Matt’s time. We went to the park that is the base for the tri and Matt rode and ran the map. I dozed and read my book in the hammock.

M: It’s getting me working out a lot more which is good. I’m going to have to keep up planning out races so I can continue doing this.

K: We just got a Sonic in our neck of the woods which I am very excited about – cherry limeades every day!

K: Last weekend we made the trek to Mt St Helen’s. It was amazing! So crazy to think about how many active volcanoes there are, but also how they don’t get as much attention until they’ve gone off in recent memory. We were lucky to get there when the sky was perfectly blue and the weather was warm. By the time we hit the peak of our hike (4 miles & 2 hours later), the clouds had rolled in and we didn’t see the mountain again. Also the hike back was very chilly and I have a gnarly blister.

K: As a side note, don’t the trees look pixelated in the top photo? I distinctly remember my parents telling me that when they went last year and it proved true at every turn!

K: That concludes June. July is gonna be hella full – it basically feels like August already.




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