July Jumble

K: July was one busy month! Our good weather started July 5, as per the Seattle usual. We didn’t do anything for 4th of July except watch a few fireworks from the comfort of our couch. That’s one benefit of everyone ignoring the laws and setting off their own.

K: I took a super awesome class at work. It was science for the non-scientist (like me). We started at the most basic biology of a cell and worked our way up to what some of our labs and trials are doing with immunotherapy and t-cells. SO INTERESTING! This is some DNA I extracted from a strawberry… nbd.


K: Matt worked nights the week before we left for Yellowstone, so we spent all night Friday checking lists, buying groceries, packing the car, etc. Saturday morning we set out for a week of fun! You can read all about it here. Also an extra post dedicated just to my moose hunting adventure.

M: So much fun was had you must read all the things!


K: We were home for 4 days and then Tyler and Lauren came to visit!

M: Yay!

K: We had an incredibly hot week while we were away and then the whole time they were here. However, that didn’t stop us Tucsonans from getting out! We went to Discovery Park, saw the locks, walked Capitol Hill, ferried to Bainbridge, checked out the troll, oggled at REI and ate lots of delicious food. It was so great to see more Tucson people!


K: My new job is going well and I’ve started training the replacement for my old position. Matt is keeping busy at work as usual.

K: We’re living it up as much as possible! Until next time.



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