Sunday Cereal

I enjoy routine. I don’t love it, I could survive without it. But, I believe it is incredibly helpful in creating habits.

This blog is my attempt at creating a habit. A habit to write and a habit of sharing my thoughts.

Most of my thoughts are brief, even though most of the time I could go on for pages. I want to succinctly present my thoughts and hear the responses. Everyone is different, with different thoughts and experiences and my goal is to enable discussion.

Not for strife or conflict.

Not because I think all of my thoughts are perfect. Because they aren’t.



To see more beautiful conversations about God and life.

The different posts:

Sunday Cereal – My chance to give a small sermon or thought that I’ve been processing throughout the week, to start your week.

Midweek Mini Munchies – A small review of books and movies.

Saturday Sampler – Some things I recommend watching, reading and listening sometime during the week


Do you agree/disagree? Want more explanation? Let me know in the comments!

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